Garages & Services / 25.08.2022
Garages & Services / 25.08.2022

Diagnostic device mega macs X for vehicle communication of tomorrow

  • mega macs X from Hella Gutmann handles DoIP and 'Security Gatewayʼ
  • State-of-the-art diagnostics for traditional and battery-electric vehicles

Lippstadt, 25 August 2022. As a result of automotive evolution, increasing data volumes and transmission rates demand the use of new on-board power supply and security concepts in vehicles. The trend is toward Ethernet wiring, high-performance controllers and cyber security gateways. In fact, the first vehicle models are already on the road whose system communication is designed purely for Ethernet, i.e. no longer downward compatible. This means that the diagnostic device, as an essential means of communication between the workshop and the vehicle, must also be compatible with the new technologies. The mega macs X multi-brand diagnostic device from Hella Gutmann 'understandsʼ and 'speaksʼ the language of the latest vehicle generation − regardless of its type. It has been designed with the ultra-fast communication standards of future vehicles in mind.

The technical framework for communication with vehicles whose systems are networked via fast Ethernet is provided in the mega macs X by electronic chips integrated in the device and the processing of DoIP protocols. Of course, the mega macs X can also communicate with traditional CAN bus-based vehicle networks. This technical equipment and the considerable vehicle coverage of the mega macs software make the mega macs X a true all-rounder. The modern device diagnoses several tens of thousands of vehicle models of all common brands, including already more than 200 with battery-electric or hybrid drive. The compatible MT-HV high-voltage measurement technology upgrades the application possibilities for vehicles with new drive types.

The technical aspect for the diagnosis of modern vehicles is joined by the legal one: Cyber security systems à la 'Security Gatewayʼ are increasingly securing onboard networks against unwanted access. They can prevent a diagnostic device from establishing communication with the vehicle or − depending on the manufacturer's concept - reduce it to a minimum. Thanks to its integrated 'Cyber Security Management' (CSM), a mega macs X also elegantly overcomes this barrier. Provided a one-time personal authentication at Hella Gutmann, CSM allows the diagnosis of secured vehicles without detours via OE portals. This future-proof function for garages is currently available for 12 car brands and will be successively expanded by Hella Gutmann to include further brands - such as Renault and Kia most recently. It is available in every mega macs X from configuration X2 onwards, as well as in other mega macs devices with an Update Plus license, at no additional cost.
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