Technology & Products / 30.04.2024
Technology & Products / 30.04.2024

FORVIA HELLA won ZhILU award for its fifth generation of 77GHz radar

  • The award acknowledges the outstanding technological innovation and functional advantages of FORVIA HELLA’s fifth generation of 77GHz radar
  • The radar is in mass production in China
  • The fifth generation of 77GHz radar achieves 360° all-round environmental detection and meets architecture requirements from L1 to L5

Lippstadt, 30 April 2024. In recent years, as the automotive industry rapidly advances toward autonomous driving, active safety has become standard in vehicles, driving up demand for corner radar, a crucial sensor in ADAS systems. In this context, international automotive supplier FORVIA HELLA has been awarded the ZhILU Award by leading local media outlet Auto Observer for the outstanding technological innovation and functional advantages of its fifth generation 77GHz radar. Currently, FORVIA HELLA has commenced mass production of radar sensor at its Shanghai electronics plant.

"We're delighted that FORVIA HELLA's fifth generation of 77GHz radar has earned recognition from the esteemed local media outlet 'Auto Observer' and industry experts. This accolade not only underscores our technical strength but also validates our foresight and proactive approach to local industry trends”, says Xia Jingchu, Director of Business Group Electronics Product Center Radar China at FORVIA HELLA. “FORVIA HELLA remains dedicated to meeting market demands, offering innovative, high-quality, and competitive products to support the advancement of autonomous driving in the Chinese automotive industry."

FORVIA HELLA has been deeply engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of corner radar for more than 20 years. Leveraging its profound expertise in this field, FORVIA HELLA’s fifth generation of 77GHz radar is based on a radar system chip with RF-CMOS technology and processes, a specific array antenna design, and uses MIMO technology, bringing a wider field of view for both horizontal and vertical directions. Featuring a modular architecture, it offers versatile chip combinations with varying interfaces and computing power specifications, catering to diverse architectural requirements from L1 to L5. Additionally, the radar offers three operational modes—near-range, short-range, and medium-range—enabling comprehensive coverage across various application scenarios in both near-field and far-field environments. Thanks to the enhanced antenna miniaturization facilitated by increased radar beam frequency, FORVIA HELLA’s fifth generation of 77GHz radar delivers significantly improved performance in a more compact size, facilitating effortless installation on vehicle fronts, rears, and sides to achieve 360° all-round environmental detection.

FORVIA HELLA's radar sensors have undergone rigorous testing and validation in the Chinese market, with specialized performance optimization tailored to the region's complex urban and harsh weather conditions. Therefore, they demonstrate exceptional stability across various scenarios, providing high-quality raw data to bolster research into autonomous driving strategies.

At present, FORVIA HELLA has established a localized supply chain for its fifth generation 77GHz radar in China, demonstrating robust local production capabilities. Its Shanghai electronics plant boasts extensive automated production lines. FORVIA HELLA's agility and adaptability enable swift responses to diverse product demands and shipment requirements from its customers.


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