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University Cooperation

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University Coopertation China HELLA CHINA Scholarship HELLA CHINA Scholarship

As a leading technical innovation enterprise in automotive parts industry, HELLA always values people as the biggest treasure. We are focusing on staff development and cultivation during past decades.

HELLA Group has been infusing fresh blood into companies from Campus recruitment since many years ago, which enables new graduates start to know HELLA and keep close contact with HELLA. Nationwide HELLA Campus Recruitment launches in every September and lasts for nearly three months; and enthusiastic response was received for the Campus talk in 15 universities located in Changchun, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Changsha, Xi’an and Xiamen.

We didn’t just recruit excellent talents from Campus Recruitments but also promote HELLA values, communicate corporate cultures and disseminate our talents strategy during the events. These activities set up outstanding company image in the graduates and achieve the advantages in the future talent competition.


University Scholarship

HELLA CHINA Scholarship HELLA CHINA Scholarship HELLA CHINA Scholarship HELLA CHINA Scholarship

To establish long-term strategic cooperation with the top engineering universities in China, further enhance its brand image and build a stable and technical pipeline, from year 2011, HELLA Corporate Center China has continuously sponsored HELLA Scholarship in 8 universities throughout China to award the bachelors and masters who excel in both academic studies and social behaviors so as to encourage them to continue their self-development and become fully competent, creative and valuable resources to the society.

HELLA Corporate Center China pays great attention to the leading roles that science and technologies play in business development; to talent development, acquisition and retention; to the development of national education cause. In order to encourage and award the excellent education management staff, HELLA set Faculty Fellowship at Education Fund Committee of Southeast China University in year 2013.

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