Life in HELLA China
Life in HELLA China

Family Day

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HELLA always cares about our employees. We not only care about them, we also care about their families: could they keep balance between their work and family? Are their families happy about and proud of their work-life in HELLA? To make the families better understand how they work here, we open HELLA to all our dear families.

In HELLA Family Day, our family members could walk around HELLA’s every corner; could be close to every working desk to know how our employees are working with and growing with HELLA. Of course we arrange various games and provide delicate gifts to appreciate for our families’ long-standing support; what’s more important, to have them fully join and enjoy the happiness from this Big HELLA Family.

Look at the big smiles on their faces! How sweet they are! It’s because of your smiles, their smiles and our smiles, which make Big HELLA Family the ever-lasting and well-rounded happiness!


Annual Dinner Party and Team Building

Annual Dinner Life in HELLA Life in HELLA Life in HELLA Annual Dinner Party Life in HELLA Life in HELLA Life in HELLA Life in HELLA

Annual dinner and teambuilding provide the opportunity for HELLA employees to leave the busy work and enjoy the happy moment with colleagues in the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

The fancy food, wonderful performances, exciting lucky draw left the beautiful memories to everyone. Of course the most amazing part is the performances directed and played by employees, the passionate Flamenco, sexy Latin, lovely bear dance, dreamlike magic show… which brought the climax to stage every time.

“The Oriental Hawaii” Sanya, “Egret Island” Xiamen, “Land of Honey and Milk” Wu Town… Hella employees left their laughter and sweat in many places. We strengthen our communication and trust in teambuilding, dedicated ourselves to work in a better shape and meet new challenges.


Other Activities

Life in Hella Activities

Talents are the most valuable resource of HELLA, which is the strength for HELLA to take the lead first in the hundred years. Besides the pleasant working environment, harmonious colleague relationship, opportunity for oversea training, the colorful spare-time life is one of the key elements that attract the elites.

Company will arrange 8-km Run every year and receive good feedbacks from the employees. 8-km Run requires nearly half an hour’s non-stop running even for the best runner in the hot sun. It is a fierce test of strength, endurance and willingness for all the participants. All HELLA runners have made it! In the cheering of cheerleaders, in the pursuit of higher, faster and stronger, in the dedication to keeping on moving, HELLA runners were determined to run to the finish line- the final victory. We were so proud of them!

HELLA also has the football team and basketball team, meanwhile, table tennis, badminton are very popular among the employees. HELLA has fixed cooperation relationship with many stadiums, which provide professional courts for employees to get exercises.. HELLA will hold contest irregularly as well, encourage employees to challenge themselves constantly.

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