Lighting Electronics
Lighting Electronics

Lighting Electronics:
The Perfect Symbiosis

At HELLA, the fact that we combine lighting and electronics expertise under one roof puts us in a unique technological position. This gives us a substantial edge over competitors, and one we firmly intend to maintain and strengthen into the future – especially when it comes to dynamic lighting systems. The dynamic lighting systems currently established on the market will increasingly be linked with camera technologies in the future. These advanced systems provide customers with the best possible lighting conditions in any driving situation, significantly enhancing active safety. HELLA has comprehensive experience in the development, overall system design and production of all of these systems, so we can provide customers with optimum solutions.


Product Portfolio

  • AFS control units
  • Power modules
  • LED control unit for signal and main lighting functions
  • Xenon ballasts
  • Control units for headlamp leveling systems
  • Sensor-integrated control units for headlamp leveling systems (SIECU)

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