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EVTec 2019: HELLA accompanies customers comprehensively on their way to clean mobility

  • Comprehensive product portfolio for all stages of electrification
  • New battery module solutions for mild hybrids enable savings of 5 to 6 grams of CO2 per kilometer driven

Shanghai, 28 October 2019. Lighting and electronics expert HELLA accompanies customers comprehensively on their way to electromobility. For this purpose, HELLA offers product solutions for all stages of electrification – from battery sensors for micro hybrids (start/stop automatic), power electronics for mild hybrid vehicles based on 48 volt technology to battery electronics for high-voltage applications in full hybrids and all-electric vehicles. On 28 and 29 October, HELLA attends the Electric Vehicle Technologies Conference 2019 (EVTech 2019), during which the company’s strategic approach toward electromobility will be presented.


The electrification of vehicles continues to gain momentum. Especially China has long since become a pioneer in this field and is currently setting the pace of electrification. For HELLA, this development means a variety of opportunities. In this context, one development focus is on pioneering battery module solutions especially for partially electrified cars, so-called mild hybrid vehicles. These new solutions enable savings of 5 to 6 grams of CO2 per kilometer and thus help to achieve CO2 targets in the short term.


Dual voltage battery management system provides switchable 12 Volt and 48 Volt systems to compact and mid-class vehicles


A core product in this context is the Dual Voltage Battery Management System. It combines the functions of a 48 volt and 12 volt battery (including Low Voltage Battery Management) within a single product in the installation space of a conventional 12 volt battery. The new battery module solution saves weight and space and can be conveniently integrated into existing vehicle architectures. The intelligent circuit of the cells allows the capacity of the Li-Ion batteries to be used in the 12 volt or 48 volt vehicle electrical system, depending on the application. The solution is primarily designed for compact and mid-range class. Series production is expected to start in 2023. With the PowerPack 48 Volt, HELLA is also developing an analog concept for vehicles in higher performance classes.


For almost 20 years HELLA has been making driving more efficient with its innovative solutions for battery and power electronics. Based on this year-long experience, HELLA will continue to actively shape the future of electrification and make a significant contribution to clean mobility.


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