Company / 2019.04.16
Company / 2019.04.16

HELLA and Wuling Industry enter strategic cooperation for automotive lighting technologies in China

Through the cooperation, both parties intend to further promote lighting technologies for local needs

Shanghai, April 16, 2019. Lighting and electronics expert HELLA signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Liuzhou Wuling Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. (Wuling Industry) on April 16 at Auto Shanghai 2019 to advance lighting technologies. Wuling Industry is affiliated to Guangxi Automobile Group, with business ranging from automotive components and engine manufacturing, bus and refitted vehicles production, to providing automotive service and trade.

Andreas Rummert, responsible for the Lighting business of HELLA in China, said: “HELLA constantly made breakthroughs for automotive lighting technologies, in line with the needs of the market and customers. In China, we strive to provide our customers with advanced technologies and high-quality products. Based on the cooperation with Wuling, we want to further increase our proximity and access to relevant customers.“

Yuan Zhijun, president of Guangxi Automobile Group, "Together, we can consolidate our resources, technologies and experiences, offering a wider range of sophisticated lighting technologies to our customers and expanding our business to a broader market in southern and southwestern China. We thus can make more contributions to the lighting development in China and better accompany China auto industry on the road to high-quality development.”

The cooperation between the two parties will bring lighting products which are competitive on technology, cost and quality, ensuring the safe and reliable lighting solutions to be assembled into more car models. The safety brought by lighting will benefit every road user. Through this cooperation, HELLA further improves its set-up in China and will deepen its insight into the needs of local customers. Wuling Industry is adhering to the Guangxi Automobile Group’s decades of experience on intensive cultivation and intelligent and lean manufacturing experience in the field of automotive parts.

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