Company / 19.04.2023
Company / 19.04.2023

Mobility that matters to people: Forvia shows commitment to the chinese market at Auto Shanghai 2023


Shanghai, 19. April 2023. The 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (Auto Shanghai 2023) has officially opened. As the world’s 7th largest automotive technology supplier, FORVIA Group showcases a series of groundbreaking technology and interactive experiences, presenting its combined portfolio of Faurecia and HELLA. All these technologies illustrate FORIVA’s commitment to shaping safe, advanced, customized, and sustainable mobility experiences for the Chinese and global markets.

Patrick Koller, CEO of Faurecia, hosted a press conference on April 19 at FORVIA’s booth to present FORVIA’s activities at a global and local level:

“We are glad to present cutting-edge technologies and solutions addressing all industry megatrends at Auto Shanghai 2023, presenting the combined portfolio of Faurecia and HELLA. With more than 30 years of history of both companies in China, FORVIA has a strong and lasting relationship with the market and is a trusted part of Chinese OEMs. We are look-ing forward to inspiring mobility with OEMs in China.”

Although FORVIA has been created for just over a year, through its two entities, Faurecia and HELLA, it has demonstrated a strong presence in China, with more than 28,000 em-ployees at over 80 sites in more than 30 cities. Faurecia and HELLA are closely collabo-rating to create mobility that matters to people through technology solutions and syner-gies in China.

With significant growth over the last few years, China is leading the transition addressing megatrends in electrification and automated driving. Chinese OEMs are playing an in-creasingly important role in the global automotive market and demonstrating strong growth potential. With localization as one of its strategies, FORVIA has forged a very strong relationship with the main Chinese manufacturers, partnering with more than 40 Global and Chinese OEMs in total. Thanks to a strong presence in all major regions, FORVIA has been working closely with Chinese OEMs’ design offices in Europe, collabo-rating in industrial design, regional regulation integration/understanding and regional consumers’ preference understanding. FORVIA is well positioned to support Chinese OEMs for their global business opportunity and deployment.

The world is actively contributing to the fight against global climate change, as it is the future fate of all mankind that matters. Reducing emissions and improving air quality have been at the heart of FORVIA innovation for over 20 years. As the first automotive company with net-zero target approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), FORVIA takes carbon neutrality at the heart of its strategy and targets to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2045. Both Faurecia and HELLA are already acting on many fronts to combine business growth and environmental protection by continuously re-thinking their products, materials and architectures, and the way they are produced. In October 2022, FORVIA has successfully launched a cross business group division in France, MATERI’ACT, dedicated to accelerating the development of cutting-edge materi-als with low and ultra-low CO2 footprint. In China, FORVIA is making efforts on reducing overall emissions in its industrial facilities. For example, a combo plant in Shenyang has been conferred the first LEED Gold Certificate and a plant in Jiangxi will be the first con-ferred the first CO2 Neutrality Plant in scope 1&2 of Group in China.

At Auto Shanghai 2023, FORVIA, a sustainable mobility technology leader, is showing how it's charging ahead with its sustainability ambitions while helping automakers achieve their net-zero goals. Bring together expertise in electronics, clean mobility, lighting, inte-riors, seating, and lifecycle solutions, FORVIA is also demonstrating the full scope of its innovation capability and insights on three Megatrends: Electrification and Energy Man-agement, Safe and Automated Driving, and Personalized Experiences in a Digital and Sustainable Cockpit, to explore the infinite possibilities that future mobility may bring to people's lives.


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