Handy Helpers In The Car

Actuators ensure that the target values issued by the electronics system are translated into mechanical movement. Our body actuators make sure that parts open and close, and that things like gas tank caps, tailgates and headrests respond to remote control. We also supply engine compartment actuators that allow precise and reliable positioning of various air intake flaps and turbocharger applications. These products play an important role in boosting fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions. The same is true of our two different types of vacuum pumps, both of which compensate for inherent issues due to engine design: auxiliary pumps, which are used in vehicles that do not provide enough vacuum under certain conditions (for example, during the cold start phase), and primary vacuum pumps, which are used in vehicles that cannot provide any vacuum at all (including direct-injection, diesel, hybrid, fuel-cell and electric vehicles). Our portfolio also includes headlamp power wash systems and relays.


Product Portfolio

  • Body Actuators
  • Engine Compartment Actuators
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Headlamp Cleaning Systems
  • Relays
  • Horns

Video / Animation

MicroActuator – a worthwhile investment for the integrated gas tank cap locking system

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