2018-03-22 Company

HELLA continues its sales and earnings growth in the third quarter

  • Currency-adjusted sales increase by 9.3 percent in the first nine months of the fiscal year 2017/2018; reported sales grow by 7.4 percent to € 5.1 billion
  • Adjusted EBIT improves by 9.5 percent to € 408 million; adjusted EBIT margin increases to 8.0 percent
  • Significant increase in sales in the segments Automotive (+8.2 percent) and Special Applications (+13.4 percent); Aftermarket sees 3.9 percent increase in sales with external customers
  • Positive company outlook confirmed

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2018-03-21 Societie

La digitalisation de l'atelier : encore un pas de plus...

Grâce à un investissement dans la startup CarForce, HELLA renforce ses activités dans le domaine du service diagnostique digital

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2018-03-09 Technologie & Produits

Testeur de diagnostic ultrarapide mega macs 77 en primeur à AutoTechnica 2018

Pour la première fois dans le Benelux, le nouvel appareil de diagnostic mega macs 77 sera présenté sur le stand HELLA à l'occasion du salon AutoTechnica à Bruxelles.  

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2018-02-15 Technologie & Produits

L'éclairage HELLA définit une nouvelle norme pour la nouvelle Audi A8

  • HELLA développe un kit d’éclairage complet pour la nouvelle Audi A8
  • Des phares Matrix LED et un éclairage laser pour plus de sécurité
  • Un éclairage intérieur encore amélioré grâce à la technologie Matrix LED
  • En exclusivité, les premiers feux arrière OLED produits à grande échelle avec un scénario d’accueil animé

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2018-02-15 Company

Capital Markets Day 2018: HELLA is strengthening its strategic approach toward autonomous driving

  • Technology leadership geared toward automotive market trends supports profitable growth path
  • Positioning HELLA as a supplier of key components and subsystems and as a development partner for autonomous driving strengthens business model
  • Management board provides information regarding medium-term growth prospects

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2018-02-02 Company

HELLA’s management board newly arranged to set path for the future

  • CEO contract for Dr. Rolf Breidenbach extended for five more years
  • Dr. Breidenbach takes over management of the Automotive Segment; Dr. Frank Huber to become deputy managing director of the Lighting business division
  • Markus Bannert and Dr. Matthias Schöllmann will leave the management board

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2018-01-31 Company

Dr. Felix Willing new Chief Information Officer at automotive supplier HELLA

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2018-01-26 Technologie & Produits

Un niveau supérieur pour la pose de diagnostics grâce au mega macs 77

Appareil de diagnostic haut de gamme paré pour l'avenir

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2018-01-11 Company

HELLA achieves significant sales and earnings increase in the first half of the fiscal year 2017/2018

  • Currency-adjusted sales increase of 9.3 percent in the first half of the fiscal year; reported sales growth of 8.0 percent to € 3.5 billion
  • Adjusted EBIT improves by 9.3 percent to € 293 million; adjusted EBIT margin increases to 8.5 percent
  • Long-term expansion of the global HELLA network: Numerous new locations are planned in international target markets
  • A substantial increase in sales in the Automotive segment (+9.1 percent) supports Group-wide growth; Special Applications contribute to increase in sales and earnings
  • Positive company outlook confirmed after the first half of the fiscal year

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2018-01-03 Technologie & Produits

Projet de recherche interACT de l'UE: HELLA développe un concept de communication pour la conduite autonome

Grâce à de nouveaux modules d'éclairage, les véhicules automatisés et les autres usagers de la route vont pouvoir communiquer entre eux.

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2017-12-12 Company / Technology & Products

EU research project interACT: HELLA develops communication concept for automated driving

New lighting modules soon to provide communication between automated vehicles and other road users

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2017-11-20 Company

HELLA opens new joint venture plant for lighting systems in China

Increasing demand for state-of-the-art lighting systems calls for the expansion of production capacities

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2017-11-17 Technology & Products

Agritechnica: Individual light signatures with the click of a mouse

HELLA presents modular lighting series Shapeline

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2017-11-16 Technology & Products

K-LED Blizzard warning light ensures safety at work

  • LED double flash function for improved visibility
  • Polycarbonate light dome makes warning light particularly resistant against impacts and shocks
  • Three different mounting options allow easy installation for agricultural machinery

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2017-11-15 Technology & Products

HELLA presents worklight highlights at Agritechnica

  • Thermo Pro series is fully corrosion resistant thanks to innovative plastic material
  • High-performance worklights: Ultra Beam LED Gen. II and RokLUME 380
  • ZEROGLARE technology for glare-free vision

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2017-11-14 Company / Technology & Products

HELLA Incubator in Berlin launches first spinoff "Brighter AI"

Newly independent start-up company generates realistic color images from night photography using deep learning applications

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2017-11-14 Technology & Products

VISIOTECH: New powerful projection module by HELLA improves work safety

Projections of symbols and warning signals in front of the vehicle enable communication by using light

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2017-11-14 Technology & Products

Smart CAB world premiere at Agritechnica

New concept cab of CAB Concept Cluster with lighting and electronics solutions by HELLA

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2017-11-10 Company / Technology & Products

Agritechnica: HELLA presents innovations for agricultural machinery

  • Improving work safety thanks to "VISIOTECH" projection module and LED worklights
  • Universal Rotary Actuator enables reliable position control during seed metering
  • World premiere of Smart CAB concept cab
  • Configure individual light signatures for agricultural machinery with Shapeline

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2017-10-30 Société

"Masters at Work" : HELLA recherche des ateliers uniques

Les ateliers peuvent prétendre à ce titre jusqu'au 20 novembre. Les ateliers qui se distingueront le plus se retrouveront sur le calendrier HELLA "Masters at Work".

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2017-10-23 Garages & Services

"Experts at Work": HELLA is looking for unique workshops

Workshops can compete for this title until November 20, 2017

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2017-10-20 Company

HELLA and BHAP look to intensify collaboration in China

Objectives to expand existing cooperation in the lighting area to include electronics and aftermarket business

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2017-10-17 Company

Construction of "Digital Innovation Campus" planned in Lippstadt

New research and innovation center will be built together with other partners by 2020

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2017-10-17 Garages & Services

Behr Hella Service presents new engine cooling parts catalog for passenger cars and transporters

  • More than 3,700 articles for over 90 vehicle manufacturers
  • Focus of the catalog: coolant radiators, radiator fans, water pump kits and individual water pumps

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2017-10-16 Company

HELLA lays foundation for new electronics plant in Lithuania

  • Growing demand for electronics components requires expansion of production network
  • Site opening in Lithuanian Kaunas region planned for summer of 2018

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2017-10-13 Technology & Products

Busworld: HELLA presents lighting and electronics products for modern city buses and coaches

  • The new projection concept by HELLA allows projecting symbols, logos or warning messages directly onto vehicle boarding and exit areas
  • Shapeline enables individual front, side and rear lighting for city buses and coaches

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2017-10-12 Company

HELLA further expands company headquarters in Lippstadt

  • Automotive supplier is investing in the new construction of a modern visitor, administrative and exhibition center at its Lippstadt company headquarters
  • Opening planned for mid-2019
  • Urban planning competition scheduled for former Steinstrasse company premises

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2017-10-06 Company

HELLA joins Europe's largest innovation platform

The lighting and electronics expert becomes new partner in "Startup Autobahn" network

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2017-10-05 Company

HELLA expands footprint in India

Automotive supplier opens second electronics plant and additional development center for lighting technology in India

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2017-10-05 Technology & Products

New K-LED Blizzard warning light for municipal vehicles and trucks ensures safety during everyday work

  • The K-LED Blizzard warning light is replacing its predecessor, the K-LED FO
  • Various installation options offer vehicle manufacturers a great deal of flexibility
  • The warning light is resistant to water, dust, and dirt

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2017-10-04 Garages & Services

HELLA now offering starters and alternators as "New parts without deposit" and three-year warranty

  • Used parts return scrapped for workshops
  • 3-year warranty for core-free aggregates

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2017-10-03 Technologie & Produits

HELLA présente des fonctions de radar et de caméra pour la conduite automatique

Des radars flexibles haute résolution à technologie 77 GHz et des composants logiciels de caméra

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2017-10-02 Technology & Products

HELLA wins two OttoCar awards for "The Art of Light" film

OttoCar in silver in the categories "Product films: Suppliers" and "Research & Development, Environmental Protection, CSR"

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2017-09-29 Technologie & Produits

Voir et être vu avec la campagne Éclairage de HELLA

D'ici quelques semaines, l'hiver sera à nos portes et les journées seront de plus en plus sombres. Pour circuler en toute sécurité, il est donc très important de disposer d'un bon éclairage.

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2017-09-28 Company

Dividend increase of approximately 20 percent decided upon at the HELLA Annual General Meeting

  • Dividend per share increases from € 0.77 to € 0.92
  • Long-serving Managing General Partner Dr. Jürgen Behrend voted onto the Shareholder Committee
  • Change of the corporate name to HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA agreed upon at the Annual General Meeting

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2017-09-28 Company

Dividend increase of approximately 20 percent decided upon at the HELLA Annual General Meeting

  • Dividend per share increases from € 0.77 to € 0.92
  • Long-serving Managing General Partner Dr. Jürgen Behrend voted onto the Shareholder Committee
  • Change of the corporate name to HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA agreed upon at the Annual General Meeting

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2017-09-27 Company

HELLA has a successful start to the fiscal year 2017/2018

  • First-quarter currency-adjusted sales increase of 5.8 percent; reported at 4.9 percent, to approximately € 1.6 billion
  • Adjusted EBIT improves by 5.6 percent to around € 125 million; adjusted EBIT margin increases to 7.7 percent
  • Automotive segment sustains growth dynamic with sales increases of 5.9 percent
  • Aftermarket and Special Applications contribute to the improved result
  • Positive company outlook confirmed after three months

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2017-09-26 Technology & Products

NUFAM: Active Road Safety with HELLA Lighting Solutions

  • Smart solutions to run flashing side marker lights
  • RokLUME work lights with ZEROGLARE technology optimally illuminate work surfaces without blinding oncoming traffic
  • The K-LED warning light alerts to possibly dangerous situations
  • The modular light series Shapeline allows for individual light signature

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2017-09-20 Company

HELLA Further Expands Software Location in Berlin

  • Subsidiary company HELLA Aglaia moves into new Tempelhof headquarters
  • Number of employees anticipated to reach up to 500 over time
  • Trend to autonomous driving spurs further development

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2017-09-19 Technologie & Produits

RotaLED Compact : une lampe LED stroboscopique robuste ayant un puissant effet d'avertissement

  • HELLA présente ses nouvelles lampes LED stroboscopiques pour les machines agricoles, les engins de chantier et les véhicules communaux
  • La lampe stroboscopique RotaLED Compact est jusqu'à présent la lampe LED la moins chère de l'assortiment HELLA

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2017-09-14 Technology & Products / Company

HELLA and BreezoMeter agree on strategic cooperation

  • Partnership cooperation for the development of a cloud-based air quality management system
  • New sensor from HELLA measures the level of particulate matter both inside and outside the vehicle
  • BreezoMeter enriches particulate matter data with cloud-based air quality data to offer an enhanced and connected air quality management system

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2017-09-12 Technology & Products

IAA 2017: The Digitalization of Light Can Be Experienced Live

  • HELLA brings Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) into the front light
  • A resolution of 30,000 pixels blazes a new trail in automotive light technology

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2017-09-12 Technology & Products

IAA 2017: Individual Vehicle Design with Car Body Lighting

  • New light components put the exterior of the vehicle in the right light
  • HELLA Presents Light Projections and Animated Signal Functions

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2017-09-12 Technology & Products

IAA 2017: HELLA Presents Radar and Camera Functions for Highly Automated Driving

Flexible and high-resolution radar sensors based on 77 GHz technology and camera software components

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2017-09-12 Technology & Products

IAA 2017: HELLA presents new functions of SHAKE sensor

  • SHAKE sensors detect parking damages and protect pedestrians
  • Technology now also allows touch interaction with the vehicle

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2017-09-11 Technology & Products / Company

HELLA and ebm-papst drive electrification

  • HELLA and ebm papst agree on strategic cooperation
  • Focus on developing innovative electric actuating solutions
  • Starting in 2019, the first joint project will be the production of an electric purge pump significantly reducing CO2 emissions

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2017-09-11 Technology & Products / Company

IAA 2017: HELLA Presents Solutions for Tomorrow's Mobility

  • Lighting and Electronics Expert HELLA benefiting from automotive market trends
  • "Experience Tomorrow": experience future technologies at HELLA's fair stand

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2017-08-30 Company

HELLA doubles its production capacity at its electronics plant in Shanghai

Plant serves growing demand for electronics solutions for the Chinese market

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2017-08-23 Technology & Products

Caravan Salon 2017: HELLA Presents Modular Lamp Series Shapeline and Intelligent Battery Sensors

  • Shapeline enables individual light design for small and large vehicle series
  • Intelligent battery sensors provide more safety on board of caravans and motorhomes

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2017-08-21 Technology & Products

Well-Illuminated Through Harvest Season With the Q90 compact LED Work Light

  • The Q90 compact LED is the all-rounder among LED work lights 
  • Optimal illumination thanks to multi-facet reflector provides for safe and efficient working also at night 
  • Special Thermo Pro plastic housing is corrosion-resistant and suitable for all types of weather conditions

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2017-08-18 Technology & Products

HELLA: Using High Standards of Automotive Industry for Agricultural Technology

  • Work lights and such convince through energy efficiency, safety and comfort
  • Customer-friendly modification options from halogen to LED
  • SMART CAB Future Cabin from joint development

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2017-08-10 Company

HELLA increases adjusted earnings before interest and taxes in the fiscal year 2016/2017 by 12.0 percent

  • Currency and portfolio-adjusted sales growth of 4.3 percent; reported consolidated sales rise by 3.7 percent to € 6.6 billion
  • Growth momentum accelerates in the second half of the fiscal year 2016/2017; mainly thanks to the Automotive segment
  • Strong increase in profitability: adjusted earnings before interest and taxes improve to € 534 million; adjusted EBIT margin is 8.1 percent
  • Dividend to be increased by 19.5 percent to € 0.92 per share

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2017-08-02 Technology & Products / Company

HELLA Presents New Lighting Solutions for Police, Fire Brigade and Rescue at Florian Fair in Dresden

  • LED hand searchlight Modul 70 Generation 3 enables directional lighting during deployment
  • FWL-LED front warning light suitable for police and covert operations thanks to quick mounting to windshield

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2017-07-20 Company

HELLA continues its profitable growth path in the fiscal year 2016/2017 with significantly improved earnings

  • Provisional key performance indicators for the fiscal year 2016/2017
  • Currency and portfolio-adjusted sales growth of 4.3 percent; reported consolidated sales rose by 3.7 percent to approximately EUR 6.6 billion
  • Adjusted earnings before interest and taxes improves to around EUR 534 million; adjusted EBIT margin is 8.1 percent

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2017-07-05 Technology & Products

RotaLED Compact: Robust LED Beacon Creates Strong Warning Effect

  • HELLA introduces new LED beacons for agricultural and construction machines as well as communal vehicles
  • RotaLED Compact is the lowest cost beacon in portfolio so far

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2017-07-04 Garages & Services

Hella Pagid further develops its range of copper-free brake pads

  • Copper-free brake pads have been an integral part of the product range for years
  • A specially developed material mix ensures the same high braking performance and comfort as with brake pads containing copper
  • By 2025, Hella Pagid wants to offer copper-free brake pads exclusively

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2017-07-03 Technologie & Produits

Behr Hella Service continue d’étendre son offre de compresseurs pour véhicules hybrides et électriques

  • Nouveauté dans le programme : compresseurs électriques du spécialiste Sanden
  • Behr Hella Service devient distributeur exclusif pour le marché européen de la rechange indépendante

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2017-06-30 Company

Capital Markets Day 2017: HELLA plans to continue on its profitable growth path

  • Strong positioning in the growth areas of autonomous driving, electrification, digitalization, and individualization
  • Prognosis for fiscal year 2017/2018: currency-adjusted sales growth and increase in adjusted EBIT of 5 to 10 percent

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2017-06-27 Technologie & Produits

Nouvelle génération de phare : la technologie Liquid Crystal HD assure une parfaite adaptation de la répartition de la lumière en temps réel

  • L’intégration d’un écran LCD dans un phare LED offre de nouvelles possibilités dans le domaine de l’éclairage automobile
  • Les phares LCD adaptent en permanence et en temps réel la répartition de la lumière de façon intelligente selon différentes situations de conduite
  • Un écran de 30 000 pixels permet de projeter des images, en plus d’adapter totalement la répartition de la lumière

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2017-06-27 Company

HELLA launches 'HELLA Scholars' scholarship, employment and mentorship program high school graduates and currentuniversity students

  • Automotive supplier works to develop entry-level talent
  • Creates robust science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) opportunity for graduating high school students
  • Awards multiple $10,000 annual scholarships (renewable for up to $40,000 per student), plus job placement and college employment

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2017-06-27 Technology & Products

New Headlamp Dimension: Liquid Crystal HD Technology Enables Fully Adaptive Light Distribution in Real Time

  • Integration of a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) in an LED headlamp opens up new paths for automotive lighting technology
  • So-called LCD headlamps adjust light distribution to different traffic situations in an intelligent and continuous manner in real time
  • 30,000 pixels allow image projections in addition to fully adaptive light distribution

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2017-06-23 Garages & Services

Behr Hella Service Further Expands Compressor Range For Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

  •  Electric compressors by specialist Sanden newly in program from July 2017
  • Behr Hella Service granted exclusive sales partnership for the Independent European Aftermarket

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2017-06-21 Company

HELLA reaches settlement with EU-Commission

Settlement will have no impact on HELLA’s forecasted financial performance

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2017-06-20 Company

HELLA and ZF Form Strategic Partnership

  • Firmly in focus: camera systems, imaging and radar sensor technology
  • Partnership for development and marketing aims to produce modern assistance systems and autonomous driving functions for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and off-highway applications
  • Latest vehicle sensor technologies support enhanced safety and pave the way for autonomous driving

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2017-06-19 Société

HELLA réorganise le groupe de produits « Small Lamps »

Ouverture d’un nouveau centre de compétence en Slovénie, « Car Body Lighting », un nouveau nom qui reflète les derniers développements et tendances

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2017-06-19 Company

HELLA Reorganizes Small Lamps Product Division

  • New competence center opened in Slovenia
  • Renaming into Car Body Lighting takes into account new trends and developments

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2017-06-01 Technology & Products

HELLA expands product range for municipal vehicles and special vehicles

HELLA expands product range for municipal vehicles and special vehicles

  • Modular Shapeline lamp series now also available for municipal vehicles
  • New brochure with extensive product overview for vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators

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2017-05-17 Société

Projet de recherche "HipE" : sources de lumière laser pour phares

HELLA a développé, en collaboration avec le Centre d'application Fraunhofer pour les phosphores inorganiques, un nouveau prototype de phare.

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2017-05-10 Company

HELLA successfully concludes its refinancing of the 2014/2017 bond

  • New bond of 300 million euro successfully placed
  • Order book over-subscribed more than 8 times
  • 1.0 per cent coupon, maturing in 2024

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2017-05-05 Company

Hella Pagid is Official Partner at the Third Audi Sport TT Cup

  • Audi Sport TT Cup launches third season
  • Up-and-coming driver Jack Manchester drives with Hella Pagid Logo
  • All Audi TT's equipped with PAGID RACING brake linings

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2017-05-02 Société

HELLA reçoit le prix Daimler Supplier Award 2016

Ce prix récompense la qualité et la production de série exclusive de phares Multibeam LED dans la classe E actuelle.

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2017-05-02 Company

Change to the Management Board at Hella Pagid GmbH

  • Henning Schröder is taking on new tasks at the HELLA Group as he leaves the management board of Hella Pagid GmbH
  • New sales director Noël Caillat to start on September 1, 2017

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2017-04-20 Company

HELLA expands production capacities in China with new plant for lighting systems

  • Start of production planned for October 2017
  • Production focus on innovative LED headlamps for Chinese customers

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2017-04-18 Technique & Produits

Le Module 50 LED Spot accroît la sécurité dans le domaine du stockage

  • Les experts en éclairage de HELLA développent une nouvelle optique à lentille
  • La projection d'un point circulaire sur le sol prévient les autres véhicules et les piétons de l'approche de chariots élévateurs

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2017-04-18 Technology & Products

Module 50 LED Spot Provides More Storage Safety

  • HELLA lighting engineers develop new lens optics
  • Spot-shaped ground lighting alerts vehicles and pedestrians to approaching vehicles

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2017-04-12 Technology & Products

750 millionth position sensor with CIPOS® technology sold

  • Inductive position sensors by HELLA provide more safety while driving
  • Position sensors with CIPOS® technology are resistant against extreme temperatures, vibrations and other adversities
  • CIPOS® technology will also be a crucial component of electric mobility and autonomous driving in the future

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2017-04-11 Company

HELLA builds new electronics plant in Lithuania

Automotive supplier expands production capacities in Europe due to increasing demand for electronic components

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2017-04-06 Company

HELLA reports accelerated growth and a significant increase in earnings in the third quarter of fiscal year 2016/2017

  • Sales rise by a substantial 5.5% and earnings before interest and taxes by 18.4% over the third quarter
  • Consolidated sales over the nine-month period increase to € 4.8 billion: +3.5% after adjustment for currency and portfolio effects (reported +2.6%)
  • Adjusted EBIT over the first nine months grow significantly by 8.1% to € 373 million; the adjusted EBIT margin improves to 7.8%
  • Dr Jürgen Behrend retires as Managing General Partner on 30 September 2017 after the Annual General Meeting

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2017-04-03 Company

Dr. Werner Benade started as the new Managing Director of the business division Aftermarket and Special Applications on April 1, 2017

Dr. Werner Benade started as the new Managing Director of the business division Aftermarket and Special Applications on April 1, 2017

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2017-03-21 Garages & Services

Behr Hella Service provides workshops with technical support to ensure smooth and trouble-free air-conditioning checks

  • Compressor app, checklists and filling quantity handbooks updated and launch of new videos with technical instructions
  • Professional marketing materials draw customers' attention to air-conditioning checks

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2017-03-15 Company

HELLA receives award by Foundation for Family Businesses for societal importance

Automotive supplier ranks among Top 100 German family companies by revenue and employees

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2017-03-13 Company

HELLA as member of the CAB Concept Cluster (CCC), won an iF DESIGN AWARD 2017

Model cabin "Genius Cab" convinced jury with customer-neutral innovation platform

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2017-03-09 Company

HELLA receives Daimler Supplier Award 2016

Award for quality and high-end series

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2017-02-28 Company

New HELLA development centre for automotive lighting technology in Sindelfingen officially inaugurated

Focus on innovative lighting solutions

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2017-02-22 Garages & Services

April 2017: Arrival of the New Air-Conditioning Equipment Catalog for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks

  • More than 3,000 articles for over 70 vehicle brands
  • New product group: electrical controls for blending flaps

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2017-02-13 Company

HELLA Mining Under New Management

Steve Lomas bolsters the mining division at HELLA

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2017-02-07 Technologie & Produits

Hella marine se voit décerner le prix "Best Lighting Supplier 2016"

Hella marine a reçu le prix du "Meilleur fournisseur d'éclairage 2016" du magazine maritime international Work Boat World.

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2017-02-06 Technologie & Produits

Nouveautés des le début 2017<br>Capteurs de batterie intelligents de deuxieme génération pour caravanes, camping-cars et bateaux

Technologie HELLA de pointe pour plus d’efficacité // Design compact pour une installation simple.

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2017-01-16 Technologie & Produits

L'histoire de la première voiture de course à hydrogène

Une équipe d'étudiants de la TU Delft (université de technologie de Delft) ont développé la première voiture de course à hydrogène. HELLA a également apporté sa contribution à cette voiture spéciale qui fera ses preuves à l'occasion d'une course grandeur nature en août 2017.

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2017-01-16 Garages & Services

HELLA provides electronics know-how for independent workshops

  • HELLA transfers original equipment competencies to the independent aftermarket
  • Independent workshops benefit from electronic spare parts, diagnosis tools and technical service

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2017-01-13 Technology & Products

HELLA presents cooling valve actuator and auxiliary water circulation pump for optimized engine temperatures

The company shows innovations for vehicle energy efficiency at International Auto Show in Detroit

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2017-01-12 Company

HELLA increases sales and earnings in the first half year

  • Consolidated sales increase to EUR 3.2 billion: +2.4 percent after adjustment for currency and portfolio effects (reported +1.2 percent)
  • Adjusted earnings before interest and taxes (adjusted EBIT) grow by 4.9 percent to EUR 268 million
  • Adjusted EBIT margin improves by 0.3 percentage points to 8.4 percent
  • Full-year sales and earnings guidance confirmed
  • Dr Werner Benade appointed new managing director of the business division Aftermarket and Special Applications effective 1 April 2017

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2017-01-06 Technology & Products

HELLA at CES 2017 in Las Vegas

  • HELLA and NXP to present solutions for automated driving
  • The new Radar Generation CompactRadar will be the focal point

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2016-12-09 Company

New HELLA development centre to open in Sindelfingen

  • Inauguration scheduled for February 2017
  • The set-up of a development centre for innovative lighting solutions in Sindelfingen will strengthen HELLA’s presence in southern Germany

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2016-12-08 Technologie & Produits

Un nouvel éclairage pour une sécurité renforcée sur la route

  • Un phare a pixels intelligent qui projette sur la route une lumiere non éblouissante
  • Les véhicules venant en sens inverse ne sont pas éblouis
  • La résolution nettement supérieure garantit une répartition révolutionnaire de la lumiere

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2016-12-06 Technologie & Produits

HELLA et Covestro présentent un nouveau concept pour l'éclairage des véhicules

Une technologie holographique qui révolutionne l'éclairage arrière. Eclairage avant avec surfaces homogènes et uniformes.

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2016-11-30 Company

Nobel Laureate Shuji Nakamura Visits HELLA Light Testing Facility

Pioneer of white LED light discusses current lighting solutions and research projects with HELLA experts.

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2016-11-16 Société

Dunes éclairées lors du Dakar 2017

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2016-11-16 Technology & Products

From the beginning of 2017: second generation intelligent battery sensors for caravans, recreational vehicle and marine applications.

State-of-the-art technology from the automotive industry for extra efficiency // Compact design for easy installation

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2016-11-09 Technology & Products

HELLA presents innovative lighting solutions at IMME 2016 Kolkata

HELLA presents innovative LED lighting solutions for Mining industry // The ZEROGLARE optical system ensures that light from oncoming traffic does not blind oncoming drivers, thus eliminating discomfort and preventing disability glare

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Bienvenue sur le forum d’information HELLA. Vous trouverez ici les différents communiqués de presse de la société HELLA BENELUX BV.

Le Groupe HELLA en un clin d'œil

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