Aftermarket & Services 2023-11-28

Highly credible ADAS calibrations with Hella Gutmann workshop equipment

  • Multibrand solutions for calibration of cameras, lidar and radar sensors
  • Highly accurate calibration results for the reliable functioning of safety-related ADAS
  • Comprehensive modular CSC-Tool system for customization to every workshop’s requirements

Ihringen, 28 November 2023. Safety-related Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assist and Blind Spot Assist are already standard in many new vehicle models - the Emergency Brake Assist is even mandatory. Their common trait: functional safety stands and falls with the detection accuracy of the sensors involved, such as radar, lidar and cameras. A recent study by the German expert organization Dekra confirms the significance of precise ADAS calibrations: Even minimal misalignments of the sensors within the system tolerances led to fatal malfunctions. The results are summarized in the Dekra Road Safety Report 2023 ( They should remind workshop professionals once more of their own responsibility for the safety of customer vehicles by means of conscientious ADAS calibrations.

With the CSC-Tool Digital, the CSC-Tool SE and the CSC-Tool Mobile in conjunction with a diagnostic device from the mega macs series, Hella Gutmann offers workshops efficient solutions for ADAS calibrations with at least the accuracy required by the manufacturers. All CSC-Tools from Hella Gutmann have a modular structure. This means that workshops can put together a calibration solution that suits their needs. In addition to calibrating the front cameras and, if applicable, the lidar sensor, the extensive range of accessories also enables the calibration or functional testing of the important side and rear sensors for 360° vehicle surround detection. An optional wheel alignment kit provides the option of setting the correct chassis geometry as a pre-condition for calibration.

"From our point of view, the question of whether a workshop needs a calibration tool at all is practically obsolete today. The high equipment rate of today's vehicles with driver assistance systems and the dramatic results of the current Dekra practical tests speak for themselves," says Bernd Schretter, Hella Gutmann Sales Manager DACH.

In addition to the CSC-Tool, which has been established for 10 years and is now in its second generation with the suffix SE, the CSC-Tool Digital is a modern choice. Its benefits include fast access to digital targets for front cameras and their particularly early availability for a brandnew vehicle model. "Workshops with high calibration volume and specialists for damage repairs on very young vehicles are therefore increasingly relying on our digital calibration solution," adds Schretter. The digital front camera targets are beamed from the app in the CSC-Tool Digital receiver onto the large projection screen. Wheel sensors with line lasers are used for the required alignment to the geometric driving axis (rear axle) of the vehicle. Height adjustment and distance measurement are carried out at the touch of a button. Actual and specified values appear directly on the screen supported by the app. ADAS is always calibrated on a vehicle-specific basis using the diagnostic device in the corresponding vehicle control unit.

User-friendly, highly accurate and with the most up-to-date vehicle coverage: Hella Gutmann's CSC-Tool Digital for the calibration of high-tech sensors 360° around the vehicle.

User-friendly, highly accurate and with the most up-to-date vehicle coverage: Hella Gutmann's CSC-Tool Digital for the calibration of high-tech sensors 360° around the vehicle. (Picture: Hella Gutmann)