Our purchasing departments are constantly seeking new, high-performance suppliers. Our mission is to provide market expertise and sustainable purchasing solutions for production materials, investment goods and services.

Supplier Download Center

Here you will find the most important documents for suppliers at a glance.

FORVIA HELLA General Purchasing Terms and Conditions

Purchase Orders shall be governed by the FORVIA HELLA General Purchasing Terms and Conditions applicable to the region where the entity issuing the purchase order is registered.

Trufusion portal

For more information please contact ddvhvb@amgbx@hella.com.

Supplier Integration

Integration of our suppliers into our business processes requires an optimal exchange of information. We exchange business and CAD data with our suppliers via a direct connection (EDI - Electronic Data Interchange) or via web portals

CAD data quality - Portal for quality requirements

At the CAD data quality portal, FORVIA HELLA suppliers can download the required supplier packages for CATIA V5.

For more information about the CAD data quality portal see our Download-Center.

If you have questions on the subject of CAD and supplier package, please call our hotline at +49 (0) 2941 / 38 – 1600 or email ddx.hospfs@aegztline@hella.com .

EDI - Direct connection for data exchange

For data exchange via EDI, we prefer OFTP2 or AS2. In exceptional cases, a connection can be established via VAN or via SFTP, FTPS.

The formats we use for data exchange with suppliers are EDIFACT and VDA but we prefer EDIFACT.

For information about the parameters of the individual HELLA companies and a description of the individual message types see our Download-Center.

If you have questions on the subject of data exchange via EDI, please call our hotline at +49 (0) 2941 / 38 – 1600, or send an email to supporpuyx@fhgft.edi@hella.com.


WebEdi - Portal for commercial data exchange

The WebEDI portal is a server-based web application on which FORVIA HELLA deposits data from the procurement process (purchase orders, delivery plans, credit memos etc.).

After login, this data can be printed or downloaded and saved in various formats (PDF, CSV, XML, EDIFACT). To register for the portal, you have to name a contact (supplier administrator) who can create and administer internal user profiles with the appropriate authorizations. Transfer of the data is protected with SSL encryption.

If you have questions on the subject of data exchange via EDI, please call our hotline at +49 (0) 2941 / 38 – 1600.

Trufusion Portal – Web portal for cad data exchange

For data exchange with partners that are not connected to FORVIA HELLA via OFTP, FORVIA HELLA is using the Trufusion Portal. 

The data to be transmitted, such as CAD data or any files, is saved on a web server. The partners can log in and then download the saved data or upload the data to be provided.

Transmission is SSL encrypted.

For more information about Trufusion Portal please see our Download-Center.

If you have questions regarding the data exchange, please contact our hotline (phone: +49-2941-38-1600, E-mail: ).


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Purchasing Philosophy

At FORVIA HELLA, we believe working together with our suppliers in a true spirit of partnership is a key success factor, since we count on our suppliers to help us meet and exceed our customers’ high expectations. As a result, we constantly strive to establish and maintain close relationships with suppliers and integrate them into our business processes. Because we operate all over the world, we are particularly interested in suppliers that can offer competitive products at the global level and also:

  • utilize a quality management system structured according to ISO/TS 16949 and an environmental management system in compliance with ISO 14001
  • respond flexibly and on time to specified requirements
  • are familiar with and already use ship-to-stock (STS), just-in-time (JIT), and Kanban as tools to optimize inventory,
  • offer technical support and advice
  • meet the requirements for electronic data interchangecompliance with ISO 14001
  • acknowledge FORVIA HELLA contracts
  • accept the FORVIA HELLA QA guidelines
  • use environmentally sound production methods and materials and support FORVIA HELLA’s environmental management objectives