Trailer connection devices 24 V / 12 V

The 24 V / 12 V trailer connection devices are used for reliable energy transfer from 24 V to 12 V voltage systems between vehicles and trailers, in particular regarding the lighting and trailer functions. With a total of 7 channels for the trailer lamp functions, they offer an uncomplicated integration without any additional data interface.

The series control lamp offers additional security: In the event of a failure of a 12 V trailer flashing light, this is displayed directly.

Product Advantages

  • Power transmission from 24 V to 12 V voltage systems
  • Power supply for 12 V lighting
  • Uncomplicated integration without data interface

Technical Data

Rated voltage 24 V / 12 V
Power per switching channel 2 x 21 W
per direction indicator
21 W
Operating temperature -30 °C to +80 °C
Polarity reversal protection Yes
Protection class IP 5K9K in accordance
with DIN 50021-55
Type approval e1
Idle current 8 mA
Control currentof the switching channels 2,5 mA
Voltage loss
of the switching channels
200 mV

Program Overview

Voltage range Variant Part number PU
24 V / 12 V With integrated voltage transformer; operation
possible without a separate charge compensation unit
5DS 008 125-011 1
24 V / 12 V Separate charge compensation unit or a separate
voltage transformer with 8 A 12 V required*
5DS 008 125-001 1

* The following devices can be used for this purpose: 8ES 008 123-001, 8ES 008 124-001 or 8ES 006 658-021