Mirrors for agricultural and construction machinery

Everything always at a glance: The HELLA mirror for agricultural and construction machinery is optimally designed for the requirements of working with vehicles such as construction machinery, tractors, combine harvesters, tele-handlers, and other special vehicles. The mirror can be mounted on the mirror arm both vertically and horizontally and offers a wide range of adjustment options: It can be aligned variably via both the x- and y-axes and can also be rotated via the z-axis. The mirror glass has a maximum curvature and a radius of 1,400 mm. This gives the driver an optimum view of the respective work situation and the traffic situation – for increased safety for all road users.


Despite the large surface area, the mirror is ergonomically designed thanks to the slim design and reduced bezel, and impresses with its light weight and maximum corrosion resistance thanks to the chrome-plated glass. The fold-down or fold-away function reduces damage and provides additional safety.

Product Advantages

  • Vertical and horizontal mounting on mirror arm possible
  • Large adjustment range in x- and y-positions and also rotatable around the z-axis, for optimum visibility
  • Surface of chromium-plated glass with highest corrosion resistance
  • Reduced weight and optimized ergonomics due to slim housing and minimized bezel
  • Modern, aerodynamic style in line with today’s vehicle designs

Technical Data

Surface mounting Right and left, manually adjustable, large adjustment range in x- and y-positions and also rotatable around the z-axis
Support rod Ø 18 to 24 mm
Housing PP housing with high UV stability
Mounting Pre-assembled screws for easy mounting

Program Overview

VariantPart numberPackaging unit
Mirrors for agricultural and construction machinery, manually adjustable, suitable for use on the right and left8SB 501 550-0011