Rocker switches

The right switch for every application: The extensive HELLA rocker switch range offers the right switch for almost every application, thanks to a wide range of configuration options for functions and switch symbols. All areas of application can be optimally covered by three series.


The tried and true basic 4570/7832 series is suitable for simple electrical systems. Standardized mounting holes and bezels allow for easy retrofitting and installation. The lighting can be either incandescent bulbs or LEDs.


For applications with special robustness and sealing needs, the waterproof and dustproof rocker switch series 3100 is recommended. It convinces with the IP 68 protection class and works reliably even under extreme operating conditions. A high variety of lasered, abrasion-resistant, and LED-lit symbols provide maximum application flexibility.


The timeless 4100 series is particularly suitable for indoor applications. The illumination of the lasered symbols is done via LEDs. The integrated self-cleaning micro switch ensures safe switching, even of very small currents, without contamination of the contacts.


The 4100 and 3100 series can be individually configured to customer specifications:

Product Advantages

  • 3100 series: Waterproof and dustproof rocker switch series for electrical systems
  • 4100 series: Rocker switch series with self-cleaning micro switch suitable for electrical and electronic systems
  • 4570/7832 series: Basic range of simple electrical systems, tried and tested for more than 20 years

Technical Data

  Series 3100 Series 4100 Series 4570/7832

Mounting hole, without installation frame

37.0 x 21.1 mm 41.8 x 19.8 mm 44.1 x 22.1 mm

Mounting hole, with installation frame

51.3 x 48.3 mm (for two units) 44.1 x 22.1 mm per unit 51.3 x 48.1 mm (for two units)

Dashboard thickness

for direct installation
1.6 to 6.3 mm 2 (+/- 0.3) mm 1 to 2.5 mm

Dashboard thickness

with mounting frame

2.5 to 6.5 mm 3 to 4 mm

1 to 2.5 mm

Switch principle Bridge switch

Micro switch with self-cleaning


Bridge switch

Actuation mode Pushbutton, toggle Pushbutton, toggle

Pushbutton, toggle

Protection class IP 68, connector side: IP 66 IP 52

IP 5

Rated switching current, resistive load, 12 V

20 A

10 A

16 A

Rated switching current, resistive load, 24 V 15 A

10 A

8 A

Program Overview

Variant Part number Packaging unit

Series 4570/7832

12 V on request
24 V on request

Series 3100 There are multiple configuration options in 12 V and 24 V: Our switch configurator can be found at -
Series 4100 There are multiple configuration options in 12 V and 24 V: Our switch configurator can be found at -