CONEXPO 2023: HELLA presents new lighting solutions for construction machinery and mining vehicles


Lighting and electronics expert HELLA presents several innovative new products at CONEXPO, the world's leading construction and mining machinery trade fair, in Las Vegas, NV, from March 14 to 18, 2023 (South Hall First Level, Booth S62633).


The key points in short

  • Introducing the new C240 LED combination headlamp from HELLA with exceptional design for heavy duty applications 
  • Smart lighting solutions increase operator safety, health and productivity 
  • All-round talent: Second generation of the RokLUME 280N work lamp with six illumination variants 


Brand-new LED combination headlamp C240

As a US product introduction, HELLA will be presenting the brand-new C240 LED combination headlamp to the broader public for the first time. The combination headlamp boasts an extraordinary design and enormous robustness and is available in center and bottom mounting variants. It has all the important light functions such as low beam, high beam, position light, daytime running light, and direction indicator light. The housing and lens are made of impact-resistant plastic. The combination headlamp is also vibration-resistant, dustproof, and waterproof, making it ideal for the toughest conditions. A high-quality DEUTSCH DT connector and an ISO pulse direction indicator failure check ensure that the combination headlamp meets all functional safety requirements. In addition, the C240 is available in both ECE and SAE versions.


S series work lamps with innovative LED technology 

Simple, steady, and streamlined" - is the motto of the new S series. The work lamps in this series offer innovative LED technology and complement the Module 70, Module 90, and Power Beam work lamp families. The work lamps provide homogeneous illumination similar to daylight with a colour temperature of around 6,500 Kelvin. Compared to halogen devices, the S series scores with high efficiency. The integrated electronics protect the device in case of polarity reversal and ensure constant brightness even with the operating voltage fluctuating between 9 to 32 volts DC. Depending on the model, the S series is available with a round or square design, and with surface mounting or flush mounting variants. The Module 70 and Power Beam models are available in 1,000 and 1,850-lumen variants, and Module 90 is available in 1,850 and extremely high 4,000-lumen variants. The universal and slim design allows vehicle manufacturers to convert existing halogen work lamps easily and quickly to LED technology. The housing and the lens are made of special plastics, which on the one hand, lead to a reduction in weight and, on the other hand, have high corrosion resistance. The new cooling fin design is modern and ensures optimum heat dissipation, thus increasing the efficiency and service life of the work lamps. The S series work lamps are available in close-range and long-range illumination. Further model and illumination variants are already under development.

Smart lighting solutions for heavy duty applications

With the intelligent work lamp RokLUME 280N SMART, HELLA is presenting another highlight for heavy duty applications at CONEXPO in Las Vegas, NV. The RokLUME 280N SMART increases safety in mining and construction sites. With its individual light settings, the intelligent work lamp enables to change the colour temperature from warm to cool white and the light colour to green or amber, depending on the variant. This adjustment of the light color is of utmost importance, especially in poor visibility conditions caused by dust, snow, or fog, to ensure the highest possible visibility. In addition, the brightness level can be adjusted to the current lighting conditions using the dimming function. The work lamp has six illumination options, including ZEROGLARE with a new patent-pending reflector. The work lamp can be operated easily and quickly by using the HELLA control panel or the Human Machine Interface (HMI) in the vehicle.


Conventional work lamps can be replaced with the intelligent RokLUME 280N SMART in no time. Powerline communication (PLC) enables the control unit (gateway) to communicate with the work lamps over the existing harness without interference. Since the existing wiring harnesses and circuits are used, no changes to the vehicle architecture are necessary. Equipped with lifetime management, the system warns before the work lamp's lifetime expires, thus preventing unplanned downtime. Anti-theft protection and a memory function for storing individual illumination settings are also integrated. With Gateway Prime, the vehicle can also have a cornering light function.

The Matrix Worklight System, an innovative lighting system from HELLA, allows work lamps to be controlled using vehicle intelligence without the customer requiring new wiring harnesses or modifications to the existing wiring harnesses. The HELLA gateway communicates with the machine's existing user interface using CAN-BUS and transmits commands to the HELLA work lamps. This allows vehicle manufacturers to offer optional lighting packages without having to change the vehicle architecture. This means that it is no longer necessary, even with new developments, to provide a separate wiring harness or circuit for each work lamp or group of work lamps that has to be controlled individually. This significantly simplifies the architecture. 


In conjunction with object detection on the vehicle side, the Matrix Worklight System also lends itself to numerous new, optional applications: Other drivers or passers-by could be protected from glare. Furthermore, they could be specifically illuminated and thus warned. The driver's self-blinding due to dust or attachments could be minimised by dimming individual segments. 


RokLUME 280N Gen. 2 work lamp with six illumination variants 

Another HELLA highlight is the further development of the popular RokLUME 280N work lamp for heavy duty applications. The RokLUME 280N Gen. 2 work lamps is well-suited for harsh mining environments and heavy duty applications. This is because ideal working area illumination is crucial, especially in rough terrain, so that the driver can react to obstacles and hazards in good time. With a very high light output of up to 5,000 lumens and six illumination options, including a tunnel floodlight, the RokLUME 280N Gen. 2 work lamp not only provides better visibility and thus increased safety, but also improved productivity, as the light is similar to daylight, allowing operators to work with less fatigue. Meanwhile, its energy consumption is just 50 watts. Compared to halogen devices, this means a reduction in power consumption and thus contributes to CO2 reduction. The housing of the RokLUME 280N Gen. 2 work lamp is made of high-quality die-cast aluminium with a corrosion-resistant NanoSafe coating that is optimally adapted to harsh environments. All work lamps in the series can be mounted upright, pendant and horizontally thanks to a centred, robust bracket and are optimally adapted to environments with high vibration requirements. With its compact size, the new RokLUME 280N Gen. 2 work lamp is an absolute all-rounder, ideal for all mining vehicles and heavy duty machines.  


In addition to the highlights mentioned, HELLA presents its complete product portfolio ranging from front and rear lighting, VISIOTECH projection technology, and warning lamps to electrical and electronic products. 


Experience the innovative HELLA lighting solutions for construction machinery and mining vehicles live at CONEXPO in Las Vegas, NV, from March 14 to 18, 2023, in South Hall First Level, Booth S62633.

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