Control electronics for flashing side marker lamps

Everything under control: The HELLA control electronics for flashing side marker lamps is used to control conventional side marker lamps in accordance with the legal requirements of ECE R48 Revision 6. This obliges the installation of a side flashing function on certain vehicles. Two options are possible: On the one hand, direction indicators of approval class CAT 5 can be operated on vehicles with side marker lamps. The number of side marker lamps and direction indicators depends on the vehicle length. As a second option, the side marker lamps present on the vehicle can be switched on and off together with the direction indicator as a flashing function. All amber side marker lamps must flash synchronously in conjunction with the direction indicator on the respective side.


In this case, the HELLA control electronics reliably take over control of switching the side marker lamps on and off, thus ensuring compliance with the legal requirements. The control electronics have an integrated direction indicator failure control and thus provide a timely warning in the event of defects. HELLA also offers a wide range of compatible side marker lamps.

Product Advantages

  • To comply with ECE R48, revision 6
  • Electronic ballast to make conventional side marker lamps flash
  • Functioning conforms to legislation with existing direction indicator failure controls through evaluation of the rear direction indicator

Technical Data

Operating voltage 24 V
Max. output power SML 10 W
Max. output power direction indicator 63 W
Indicator failure switching threshold 60 mA
Connector 6.3 mm flat connector

Program Overview

Variant Part number Packaging unit
Control unit ECE-R48, Category 6, 24 V 5DS 223 544-001 1