Technology & Products / 16.11.2017
Technology & Products / 16.11.2017

K-LED Blizzard warning light ensures safety at work

  • LED double flash function for improved visibility
  • Polycarbonate light dome makes warning light particularly resistant against impacts and shocks
  • Three different mounting options allow easy installation for agricultural machinery

Lippstadt, November 16, 2017. During winter, agricultural machinery is also frequently used in road traffic with a mounted snow plow for example. Beacons with a highly visible signal effect are particularly important to ensure that vehicles at work are easy to spot at all times. They are also in continuous operation during long workdays. The lighting and electronics expert HELLA has developed its K-LED beacon series specifically for these high demands. The K-LED Blizzard is the cost-optimized and advanced successor of the proved K-LED FO.

In comparison to its predecessor, the K-LED Blizzard is equipped with the latest LED technology. It meets the international protection classes (IP) 67 and 9K. This means: the K-LED Blizzard is resistant against dust and water and the electronics are protected during short immersions into water up to one meter. Furthermore, the warning light is particularly resistant also against stronger strains such as impacts and shocks and against temperature variations, road salt and humidity. This is ensured by the transparent and impact-resistant polycarbonate light dome, the powder-coated housing and the absence of moving parts.

An additional advantage: the LED double flash function of the warning light emits a direct and remotely visible 360° signal. Traffic participants can thus be warned early. The K-LED Blizzard can be flexibly mounted either in a fixed manner, via a magnet or using a pipe socket. The movable base absorbs strong impacts, from branches for example, and ensures that the light always returns to its optimal position.
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