Technology & Products / 15.11.2017
Technology & Products / 15.11.2017

HELLA presents worklight highlights at Agritechnica

  • Thermo Pro series is fully corrosion resistant thanks to innovative plastic material
  • High-performance worklights: Ultra Beam LED Gen. II and RokLUME 380
  • ZEROGLARE technology for glare-free vision

Lippstadt, November 15, 2017. Lighting and electronics expert HELLA is continuously and systematically applying its longstanding experience in the automotive industry to the agricultural machinery field. After all, optimal lighting here is a prerequisite for good work results, high energy efficiency, maximal safety in the field and on the road as well as comfortable and fatigue-reducing working. But unique and distinctive design plays an increasingly important role in this sector. Customized LED lighting solutions are an optimal way of achieving this. HELLA will present highlights of its work light portfolio at Agritechnica, the world’s largest international trade fair for agricultural engineering taking place in Hanover, from November 12 to 18, 2017 (Hall 17, Stand B35).

Thermo Pro provides great corrosion resistance

HELLA will present products of its Thermo Pro series as one particular highlight. In addition to the previously introduced LED worklight Q90 compact, Power Beam 1800 compact, Power Beam 1000 compact and Oval 100 compact are now also equipped with the special plastic material. It not only is fully corrosion resistant but is also characterized by a conductivity comparable to aluminum. This allows operating LEDs at full power supply even at high ambient temperatures. Cooling fins at the back of the housing allow the necessary outward heat dissipation. If temperatures in the headlamp should nevertheless rise, thermal sensors will reduce input current. This allows operating LEDs within a continuously optimal temperature range.

High performance worklights with powerful light output

HELLA will also present worklights for applications with strong light requirements. With its Ultra Beam LED Gen.II, the company will present the most performative worklight of the Ultra Beam series. The light output of now 4,000 lumens doubles its predecessor's performance and can therefore even exceed the performance of xenon headlamps. Further advantages include a long service life, zero-maintenance, high-end aluminum coating and a light color resembling daylight.

The 7,800 lumens of the LED work light RokLUME 380 provide twice as much light as comparable xenon headlamps. It was developed for the toughest operating conditions: in addition to the cover lens from break-proof polycarbonate, the aluminum housing features particularly robust NanoSafe coating. The headlamp is thus especially well-protected against external physical influences such as stone impacts, water, and salt. A further advantage: in addition to the standard light distribution for close- and long-range illuminations, both worklights are also available in the glare-free ZEROGLARE illumination version. It ensures that drivers of oncoming vehicles are not blinded. For instead of a reflector, special lens optics precisely project the LED light to the area in front of the vehicle, creating a very clear light cut-off line.
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