Technology & Products / 15.05.2018
Technology & Products / 15.05.2018

IFAT 2018: HELLA showcases innovations for municipal and special vehicles

  • New BST Slim LED warning lights and the K-LED Blizzard beacon increase workplace safety
  • VISIOTECH projection technology makes visual communication possible
  • Modular Shapeline light series facilitates individual light signature

Lippstadt, May 15, 2018. From May 14 - 18, 2018 the lighting and electronics expert HELLA will be exhibiting at the IFAT 2018 in Munich. At this, the world's leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials, HELLA will showcase a multitude of lighting and electronics solutions designed for municipal and special vehicles (Booth FGL 713/9). The focus, however, is on products which bring about optimal visibility and thus ramp up the safety factor in the work situation. Such products include rear combination lamps, reversing lights, daytime running lights, work lights and 90-mm module headlamps. But electronics products also feature in this safety-promoting group and these encompass intelligent battery sensors, module switches, control units for LED applications and also turning angle sensors and rain/light sensors.

But the highlight that HELLA is set to present is the new "Slim" variant of its well-known "BST" warning light series. With its low height of 12.8 mm and slim design, this warning light fits in well, for example, with the shape of municipal vehicles. Manufacturers can choose between variants with three or six LEDS and there is also a selection of light colors, flashing patterns and mounting options. Furthermore, special versions equipped with daytime/nighttime mode allow illumination to be individually adjusted to suit the prevailing visibility.

In addition to warning lights, beacons also play their part in improving visibility on the road. Especially in the case of municipal vehicles such as waste collection trucks and street-cleaning trucks or heavy and special transports, it is not only important that the signaling effect is visible from a distance but it is also imperative that the lamps can withstand continuous operation on a daily basis. So for all these reasons HELLA has developed the transparent and robust K-LED Blizzard beacon with its double flash signal, an innovation that will be presented at the trade fair.

Yet another highlight is the VISIOTECH projection module developed by HELLA. Thanks to this new VISIOTECH projection technology, it is now possible to mark out danger zones in an operational area. This means that HELLA is already taking the next step forward in endeavors to improve safety in the workplace for municipal vehicles. When the appropriate projection modules are employed, individual illumination and symbols can be projected onto the ground. The compact SL 60 warning light is fitted with such technology, too. Consequently this warning light enables lines in blue or red to be shown on the ground in order to use visual communication to ramp up the safety factor during the daily work routine. And the end result is that everyone can recognize from far off that a vehicle is in service and involved in operations.

It is not only the enhancing of safety levels but also the idea of individualization that is gaining in importance. With its Shapeline light series, HELLA has developed a modular system with which manufacturers can bestow an individual and yet consistent image upon even those vehicles produced in small series. At the IFAT trade fair, the company will present some examples of the kaleidoscope of constellations by using six different vehicles to demonstrate the countless application possibilities.

Besides showcasing the range of new products, the HELLA exhibition stand also has a good helping of entertainment on offer, for example with the "Light Painting Photo Booth". This is where visitors - either on their own or in a group - can be photographed against a backcloth of individual lighting effects. They then receive these high-quality pictures immediately and can share them on social media. Visitors will also certainly enjoy taking part in an exclusive competition where they stand to win HELLA products for their place of work and gasoline vouchers, too.

Visit HELLA at the IFAT trade fair, Stand FGL 713/9 in the outdoor area.
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