Technology & Products / 14.11.2017
Technology & Products / 14.11.2017

Smart CAB world premiere at Agritechnica

New concept cab of CAB Concept Cluster with lighting and electronics solutions by HELLA

Lippstadt, November 14, 2017. In the context of the CAB Concept Cluster, a cooperation of known and established OEM suppliers and renowned scientists in the field, lighting and electronics expert HELLA will for the first time present the Smart CAB at Agritechnica (Hall 17, Stand D53). The multi-functional cab for self-propelled vehicles such as harvesters and field sprayers is already the Cluster's second project. By experiencing the cab directly at the joint CAB Concept Cluster stand, visitors can find out what is possible already today and in the future.

HELLA provided various lighting and electronics concepts for the cab, which can be realized and adjusted together with the manufacturer upon request. The vehicle is for example equipped with Matrix worklights. They minimize blinding of other vehicles on the field as individual segments can be dimmed. With its light reference sensor, HELLA also reduces auto-glare for the driver that might result from dust, auxiliary equipment or oncoming vehicles. The sensor recognizes which headlamp segments cause glare and dims these automatically. The eye-tracking camera integrated into the roof traces the driver's line of sight and dims the light in the remaining work area. The light will therefore be exactly where drivers need it for working.

The Smart CAB additionally integrates the new VISIOTECH projector system by HELLA. HELLA thus enables the possibility of environment communication using light. The projection module allows projecting logos and/or warning signals onto the ground for optically alerting other vehicles or passers-by. It can also optically delineate work areas.

Manufacturers can choose the outer appearance of the cab via e.g. HELLA styling lights. These also allow accentuating the cab interior. HELLA enables a further branding element via a flexible luminescent material illuminating the logo integrated into the headrest. Inside the cab, four RGBW rings are additionally arranged around the speakers. They serve lighting but also collision warning purposes.

HELLA offers a sensor cleaning function removing dust or other dirt from e.g. cameras or mirrors using air or water.

The use of drones can also provide significant added value with regard to safety and comfort. In connection with a camera, they can provide farmers with a comprehensive picture regarding the condition of plants and soils or alert e.g. wildlife by using light. For the application, HELLA will present an example of lighting for drones.

The Smart CAB can be viewed at Agritechnica Hall 17, Stand D35, from November 12 to 18, 2017. HELLA solutions are also presented at the HELLA Stand B35 in Hall 17.
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