Technology & Products / 09.01.2019
Technolgy & Products / 09.01.2019

Animal rescue Essen relies on HELLA products

  • Beacons and work lights make operations safer
  • Modular optical warning system with voice announcement enables reliable exchange with emergency forces

Lippstadt, January 9, 2019. The lighting and electronics specialist HELLA has equipped the emergency vehicles of Tierrettung Essen e.V. with beacons, work lights and a control unit with voice announcement option. The volunteers travel with them about 70 kilometers around Essen to rescue and care for pets or to transport them to the nearest veterinarian.

According to road traffic regulations, emergency vehicles must be clearly identifiable. Several products from HELLA, such as the warning lights BST in yellow and white and the beacons RotaLED and K-LED Blizzard, ensure this at the animal rescue Essen. The latter generates a 360-degree signal that can be seen from afar, allowing road users to be warned at an early stage. This is particularly important during night-time operations, for example to secure accident sites.

In addition, animal rescue Essen relies on the modular optical warning system OWS 7 from HELLA. This allows two or four beacons to be positioned on the outer edges of the vehicle roof. At the animal rescue Essen, the system was supplemented by a voice announcement function with which passers-by can be warned of free-range animals.

In the search for injured animals, the Modul 70 LED Generation 3 hand searchlight helps. At 800 lumens, it creates a light range of over 160 meters and enables the surroundings to be illuminated in a targeted manner. In addition, the LED Light Bar 350 work light in the form of a compact light bar mounted on the vehicle roof provides homogeneous illumination in the close-range area.

All products are characterized by their robustness and longevity. This is ensured by LED technology, high-quality corrosion protection and the extreme vibration resistance of the beacons. This is achieved because the beacon has no moving parts. The polycarbonate light dome is also impact-resistant. This ensures that the environment is safely illuminated even off-road.

Another advantage of the beacons is their simple mounting. They can be attached either firmly, via a magnet or with the aid of a pipe socket. The optical warning system can be adapted to the respective vehicle profile in 100 millimeter steps.
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