Technology & Products / 01.08.2019
Technology & Products / 01.08.2019

HELLA expands electronics competence in the area of Special Applications

  • Individual product solutions for commercial and special vehicles in the field of special original equipment now available 
  • Product spectrum - ranging from actuators, sensors, energy management through body electronics right up to driver assistance systems - constantly being expanded 
  • Comprehensive support from development up to overall system integration

Lippstadt, August 1, 2019. In the Special Applications segment, the automotive supplier HELLA develops, manufactures and sells lighting and electronics products for special vehicles such as those engaged in agricultural and construction work, for buses, motorhomes, electric cars and also for the marine sector. The company is now set to continue expanding its electronics expertise in this segment. To this end, HELLA is, on the one hand, strengthening its global sales network and expanding its global development expertise. And on the other, the company is continuously ramping up its electronics portfolio in all areas - from actuators, sensors and energy management through body electronics right up to driver assistance systems. Furthermore, application specialists are involved in supporting customers when it comes to adapting the various products to the relevant vehicle application and also in the business of overall system integration.

Since 1957, HELLA has been transferring its high technological expertise from its core automotive business to applications in special original equipment. "Intelligent battery sensors, accelerator pedal sensors, rain/light sensors, actuators or turning angle sensors - we offer our customers every kind of product that makes vehicles safer, more efficient and more comfortable," says Daniel Quick, Head of Electronics Product Management in the Special Original Equipment division at HELLA. Particular focus is placed here on adapting the solutions to customer requirements. "The products cannot be taken over one-to-one from the automotive business because special vehicles have different technical requirements." In addition, the products are exposed to stronger mechanical vibrations and temperature fluctuations during use. HELLA developers therefore reconfigure the products accordingly and further develop them. One such example is HELLA's intelligent battery sensors, which monitor the battery status and energy flow in the vehicle. HELLA is the market leader in this field and offers the products for vehicles with 12 Volt and also for those with 24 Volt vehicle electrical systems. The intelligent battery sensors in motor homes make it possible to check several series-connected batteries up to 500 amps.

A focus in HELLA developmental projects is always placed on products that increase driver safety and comfort. Included in this category is the rain/light sensor for windshields. The automatic wiper switch relieves the driver of the need to operate the relevant levers and the integrated light sensor controls the switching on and off of the low beam when confronted by different lighting conditions or during tunnel driving. And in the agricultural sector the Smart Universal Rotary Actuator (URA) from HELLA comes into play. Here CIPOS® technology, combined with the advantage of high torque, enables precise and reliable seed metering and separation.

With the further development of 77GHz radar technology, HELLA also demonstrates its high level of expertise in the field of radar sensor technology. The compact sensor design opens up new possibilities for integration, such as in the side of the vehicle. This enables a 360° environment recognition for identifying moving objects around the vehicle like pedestrians - and also Identification of static objects around the vehicle are possible. This is an important safety feature, especially in environments which require blind spot detection.

Electrification in the automotive industry continues to advance. Even in special original equipment, more and more functions in the vehicle are controlled electronically in order to minimize vehicle energy consumption and maximize vehicle effectiveness. "In special original equipment, however, we are frequently talking small-scale series. So in order to be able to offer our customers tailor-made electronic components here too, we accompany them from the initial idea through development up to integration of the latest technologies and functions in the vehicle," says Quick. In this way vehicle-specific new developments are brought about in collaboration with customers, developments that are tailored to their respective needs and requirements.
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