Garages & Services / 28.06.2019
Garages & Services / 28.06.2019

Authorized Diagnosis on Vehicles protected against Third-Party Access to Data

  • The permanent data connection of modern vehicles calls for firewalls and access restrictions
  • Hella Gutmann is planning solutions for authorized diagnosis

Ihringen, June 28, 2019. The fact that modern vehicles are increasingly connected – be it with the internet or with each other – as well as the increase in semi-autonomous driving functions pose new challenges for data security. Manufacturers are therefore working on new safety concepts designed to prevent hacker attacks on vehicle data and vehicle electronics. Like a firewall in computers the 'carwall' will protect modern vehicles against unauthorized access to data. Against this background, the open data flow via the OBD interface will be severely restricted. In the future, today's high diagnostic volumes will only be accessible to authenticated users.

However, Hella Gutmann customers need not worry. As with previous modifications to technical framework conditions caused by new vehicle technologies or changes in legislation, Hella Gutmann will also offer practical solutions for this particular challenge. A new function in the mega macs software will enable mega macs users to diagnose future vehicle models with the usual amount of data available to them and within the framework of the law.

FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) has already started to furnish its most recent models with a so-called 'security gateway'. Other manufacturers are developing similar safety concepts for their new vehicles. Hella Gutmann is therefore working on a solution to implement the required authentification functions in the mega macs software. These functions will be available to customers via software updates. The exact date of the implementation will be announced in a separate communication in due time.
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