Garages & Services / 06.08.2018
Garages & Services / 06.08.2018

Digital multifunction glasses bring real-time support to the workplace

  • Exchange of information in hands-off mode
  • Gradual function extension from 2019 onwards

Ihringen, August 06, 2018. When it comes to service and repair work on a car, the right information at the right time and at the right place can make an enormous difference as regards the achieving of efficient and thus cost-effective results. For this reason Hella Gutmann is developing a new function. With the help of intelligent hardware in the shape of a digital pair of glasses and also with a Hella Gutmann app, new possibilities will be opening up for technicians while they work. Taking a quick shot with the camera integrated in the smart glasses, filming a video and sending it off, scanning a QR code and finding out some information from the internet or even discussing a few details with an expert in the Technical Call Center - all that is technically possible and in future it is set to facilitate our daily work routine.

Commencing in 2019, the first extension level will focus on the benefits to be gained by workshops, initially as a result of an extensive exchange of information between the workplace, where cars are repaired, and the Technical Call Center by Hella Gutmann Solutions. In order to receive this new real-time support directly at his place of work, a mechanic needs the digital glasses and the app, which has to be installed on his PC or tablet. This app will allow him to manage his support queries, to transfer and receive pictures, data and videos to and from a Diagnostic specialist and he will even be able to speak with the specialist at the same time. This expert will see what the mechanic sees. As is the case with a remote function, he can similarly intervene - not physically on the car, of course, but in a real-time dialog and by adding annotations to stills/videos, which are then shown in the mechanic's field of vision.

Furthermore, the new Hella Gutmann product allows the scanning of QR codes and the overlaying of data or functions stored in these codes. Additional links to databases with a view to faster gathering of vehicle data and a linking up to the mega macs functions are all intended to be dealt with in later extension phases.

Experience HELLA and Hella Gutmann at the Automechanika 2018 (Hall 9, Stand A88).

HELLA press conference: Tuesday, September 11, 2018, 3 - 3:30 pm (local time) at HELLA fair stand.
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