Garages & Services / 02.10.2018
Garages & Services / 02.10.2018

Hella Gutmann: Diagnosis and Emission Testing for Bikes, Trikes, Scooters and Quads

  • Tools with or without measuring module
  • Emission Testing and Diagnosis
  • Particulary interesting leasing packages

Ihringen, October 2, 2018. At the Intermot in Cologne from 3 to 7 October 2018, the diagnostics specialists from Hella Gutmann Solutions will present their product portfolio for motorcycle shops. The product range, which has evolved considerably over the past 12 years, has become yet more attractive: Starting with the Intermot 2018, Hella Gutmann will offer particularly interesting leasing packages for all bike products.

Motorcycle repair shops will be able to choose between the diagnostic tools mega macs 42 SE and mega macs 56 as well as the software solution mega macs PC. Alternatively, repair shops already using a mega macs 56/66/77 can purchase a license enabling them to activate the bike function on these devices. By acquiring a further license, repair shops can enjoy the support of the efficient Hella Gutmann Technical Help Line. The exhaust gas analyzer mega compaa HG4 Bike rounds off the product range.

As far as scope and operation of the tools are concerned, the mega macs series offers a variety of solutions for individual requirements. With its high-resolution capacitive touch screen, the top device mega macs 56 Bike sets new standards. The mega macs 56 can be further upgraded with an optional measuring technology module which is simply slotted into the backside of the device.

All mega macs Bike products operate with the same software. Intuitive operator guidance accelerates diagnostic procedures and functions like fault code reading/deleting, service instructions, basic settings, codings, parameter requests, actuator actuation and service resets. Communication with vehicle systems is established via Bluetooth and VCI (vehicle communication interface). A total of 26 optional manufacturer-specific adapters ensure the communication with all current bike, trike, scooter and quad brands. The required OBD plug for Euro 4 models is part of the standard delivery scope. At present, it is used on all Triumph models and Euro 4-compliant BMW models like F750GS und F850GS. With the release of the next software version in spring 2019, other Euro 4 models such as the young scooter generation from Peugeot will follow. At the same time a number of noticeable optimizations have been made on the model range and diagnostic depth of Ducati.

At Hella Gutmann Solutions, exhaust emission testing traditionally enjoys a high status. The mega compaa HG4 Bike - a 4-gas analyzer for testing exhaust emissions on motorcycles ‒ is state-of-the-art. It is equipped with an integrated, updatable data base which provides the correct nominal values for all popular bikes in Europe. A virtually unlimited number of client vehicles can be stored and quickly retrieved. Emission tests for motorcycles according to EU guideline 5 are automatically concluded with a test printout. A WiFi connection to the shop computer and the included free Software 'AU Plus' provide repair shops with a nifty solution for documenting the exhaust emission statistics for the automobile guild.

Hella Gutmann Solutions at the Intermot 2018 in hall 7.1, booth F030
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