Company / Technology & Products / 14.11.2017
Company / Technology & Products / 14.11.2017

HELLA Incubator in Berlin launches first spinoff "Brighter AI"

Newly independent start-up company generates realistic color images from night photography using deep learning applications

Lippstadt/Berlin, November 14, 2017. The Berlin-based Incubator of international automotive supplier HELLA has launched its first spinoff. The newly independent startup company Brighter AI uses deep learning applications for generating realistic daylight images from infrared night photography. Brighter AI thus solves a basic problem of human vision: limited sight and reaction capacity during darkness or poor weather conditions.

Thanks to the cloud-based application developed by Brighter AI, new safety- and comfort-relevant functions are now possible. "Our solution already finds application in the security sector. At the moment, we are mainly focused on successfully conducting various pilot projects", says Marian Gläser, CEO of Brighter AI. "Over time, the technology can also be applied differently, e.g. in the automotive field." Conceivable are for example digital rear mirrors making the vehicle's rear environment during nighttime appear in daylight. Functions for optimizing camera-based driver assistance systems are also possible. Other application areas result for aviation and aerospace systems as well as for image-based diagnosis methods in medicine.

The basic technology was developed at HELLA's Incubator in Berlin. There, an interdisciplinary team of more than 15 employees works on disruptive industry and technology trends as well as new digital business models. "We are particularly proud of our first spinoff Brighter AI. It speaks highly of the innovative climate here on site but it is also exemplary of the opportunities and freedoms that HELLA provides us with", says Timon Rupp, head of the HELLA Incubator. "Thanks to newly independent companies such as Brighter AI, promising technologies and business models can quickly establish themselves on the market in the context of such independent startups. We at HELLA will of course continue to be available as close strategic partner to these young entrepreneurs."
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