Thermal management
Thermal management

Behr Hella Service - The thermal management expert for cars and commercial vehicles

With a comprehensive program of around 6,000 quality items in over 20 product groups, important cooperation partners and a high-performance global sales network, BEHR HELLA SERVICE is one of the leading suppliers of vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling products in the free parts market today. You profit from the know-how of the companies Behr and HELLA and also from the high service competence in the parts supply, the provision of technical information and training courses, and also sales support – both for the free parts market and for free garages. This is an ideal combination of our product ranges and expertise: HELLA's global sales organization plus the OE product know-how of Behr and the coupling of activities in the fields of vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling.


Vehicle air conditioning

Air conditioning experts look out: BEHR HELLA SERVICE"s program includes everything you need for servicing and repairing air conditioning systems ranging from expansion valves to evaporators. BEHR HELLA SERVICE - your expert for vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling:

  • Compressors
  • Condensers
  • Filter dryers
  • Expansion and throttle valves
  • Evaporators
  • Switches
  • HVAC blowers
  • Oils

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We show you here the construction and function of an air conditioning compressor, explain how to repair and replace it and supply hints for troubleshooting noise problems. Car air conditioning compressor


Engine cooling

Pretty well thought out: the engine cooling. It has become tight and hot. In order to still reliably bring engines to the right temperature and retain it, the BEHR HELLA SERVICE engine cooling systems are real masterpieces produced by our engineers: ranging from radiators, expansion tanks, Visco® fans and clutches, condensers, radiator fans, intercoolers, additional heating elements through to water pump kits - each of them technically developed and in top quality. You can see: as an expert service center we offer you a comprehensive quality range with OE know-how for ideal maintenance and repair.

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