Special Applications

Business Segment Special applications

HELLA's Special Applications Segment serves target groups ranging from the producers of construction machinery through boat builders right up to municipalities and energy suppliers by providing them with innovative lighting and electronic products. HELLA's ability to offer systematic transfer and suitable adaptation of technological, process and quality know-how straight from the automotive area forms the basis of the company's exceptional competitiveness when it comes to costs and high-octane innovation.



  • Sales of around 344 million euros
  • Development of the first design-oriented combination rear lamp with LED light guides for buses
  • Multi-award-winning innovative LED street lighting
  • More then 54,500 HELLA LED street lights installed around the world.
  • More than 13,500 people counters were installed in public transport and building management.
  • Complete equipping of the runways of a US airport plus other kinds of installations