Life in HELLA Lithuania
Life in HELLA Lithuania

HELLA Lithuania team vision

When you work with HELLA, you will be part of developing cutting-edge electronics technologies in a fast-paced industry. Our success in everything we do rests in your hands because we depend on experienced specialists in all areas, who are open for feedback, working as intrapreneurs and grows together.

We are dedicated to build up strong professional teams. No less is important to us to create motivated and passionate team players who proactively participates in building up our location.

We want our employees to feel good and we contribute to make mealtimes and break periods a pleasant change of pace from work. That is why we have canteen at our company. Our employees can also use kiosk and vending machines on site for a quick snack between meals or to grab breakfast on the go.

If you think you might like to become a part of our 120-year success story, and are a team player burning for innovation, then you’ve come to the right place.


HELLA Lithuania (HLT) team vision – DNA

As a newly built and fast-growing team we are held together by a shared set of values and behaviors. Our Team vision is a clear understanding of how we want to perceive working at HELLA Lithuania and how we want to be perceived by others.


Growing together

Acting as one team leading by example with integrity. Keeping focus on continuous development of each other

  • acting as one team – we understand the commonality of our goals and fight for realizing them by supporting each other throughout department borders  
  • leading by example – we act in the way others could follow
  • integrity – we act in a trustworthy way, showing respect to and in cooperation with all people concerned
  • continuous development of each other – we are ambitious and support each other to learn, use our potential and broaden our capabilities

Working as intrapreneurs

Being result oriented, driving efficiency and proactively handling our commitments

  • being result oriented – we focus on what really matters and provides clear benefit in relation to achieving our targets
  • driving efficiency – we understand and work on root causes, minimize non-value adding activities and seek for less resource and time-consuming solutions for our daily tasks
  • proactively handling our commitments – we take full responsibility for our tasks and act accordingly in order to create a trusting collaboration

Being open minded

Considering feedback as a gift and constructively sharing our knowledge

  • considering feedback as a gift – we appreciate different opinions and possibilities to learn from other perspectives as well as our mistakes
  • constructively sharing our knowledge – we exchange information openly and express our opinion directly with a clear message, but always respectful and without negative emotions towards our colleagues

Open office concept

Flexible Workspace in HELLA Lithuania – combines open work spaces with meeting areas and deep focus stations

  • Height adjustable tables with monitor, docking station, comfortable chairs and mobile reservation system
  • Relaxing work places for spontaneous discussions
  • Meeting places in open space as well as closed rooms
  • Think Tanks for highly focused tasks of 1-2 persons
  • Auditorium for meetings of more than 40 persons
  • Small lockers for personal belongings with mailbox opening
  • Personal hand luggage for belongings (Laptop, Keyboard, Documents,  ..)
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HELLA Lithuania

The fourteenth electronics plant in the global HELLA network.

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