Rear Combination Lamps

More than a combination of 5 functions

These days, LEDs are key: Not only are they taking the automotive industry by storm due to their energy-saving potential, they also offer a level of design versatility that is crucial to developing a vehicle’s typical appearance. For combination rear lamps especially, manufacturers are exploring the many options available when LEDs are combined with optical systems, creating attractive and distinctive vehicle designs.

Indirect reflector


Direct Reflector


Double reflector


Prism rods


Light Curtain




Glowing element


Mirror Tunnel

ANIMATED OLED-REAR LAMP Each OLED is divided into several segments that can be controlled individually, thus enabling different coming home and home home scenarios.
OLED light sources (organic LEDs) are used to create novel lighting designs. Play video
Matrix HD Lighting System
The first high-definition digital lighting system from HELLA. Start the video here