Spare parts

Extensive range of spare parts. Good business

HELLA offers you a great selection of spare parts. On the one hand, a great range of electronics for continuously rising repair volumes - with sensors, actuators and control units, and on the other a broad range of electrical products that has grown over many years and extending from A for 'acoustic signal sensor' through relays, switches, starts and alternators to W, as in 'washer pumps'.

Lighting service

Competence and tradition. HELLA’s headlamp adjusters enable you to check any headlamp system: DE, xenon, parabolic and LED. They provide for optimum orientation of main headlights, auxiliary headlights and additional foglights. Their use is not restricted to passenger cars, they can also be used to check commercial vehicles, motorbikes, agricultural vehicles and other types.



Battery service

To spare customers the nasty surprise of battery failure, the battery should always be tested when a vehicle is brought into the garage for work. This service improves customer satisfaction and is proven to increase sales. Derive maximum potential with the new HELLA battery testers and battery chargers. For more customer satisfaction and additional turnover.

Tools and equipment

We offer a wide range of engine-testing and other testers - with a service bonus! HELLA tools and units are easy to use and will last well into the future. And will cast light into darkness whenever you wish: HELLA always delivers optimum visibility with its wide range of rugged hand lamps and workshop lamps.

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