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1899 HELLA is born – the company “Westfälische Metall-Industrie Aktien-Gesellschaft” is formed HU_Historie_1899

On 11 June 1899, Mr. Sally Windmüller establishes the company “Westfälische Metall-Industrie Aktien-Gesellschaft” (WMI) in the town of Lippstadt, Germany. The new company operates a factory specializing in production of lanterns, headlamps, horns and fittings for bicycles, carriages and automobiles. Windmüller recognizes the vast growth potential offered by the motoring industry even as it is just getting off the ground.

1908 HELLA trademark created HU_Historie_1908

No one knows for sure how the HELLA name came to be trademarked for an acetylene headlamp in 1908, or how the logo later developed for the product came to be registered with the German Patent Office in 1926. The most likely story is that the name Hella was developed by Windmüller himself in honor of a nickname used by his wife Helene.

1937 1945 1951 1961 1984 1986 1990 1992 1996 1999 2003 2011 2013 Founding of Hella Pagid Brake Systems joint venture Founding of Hella Pagid Brake Systems joint venture

HELLA PAGID GMBH, the joint venture of automotive supplier TMD Friction and HELLA, started operations as independent company on May 2, 2013. The joint venture, headquartered in Essen, sells brake components and brake accessories on the international automotive spare parts market. Both partners have a 50% share in the joint venture.

New development center for electronics in Lippstadt New development center for electronics in Lippstadt

On November 26, 2013 HELLA inaugurated the newly built Electronics Development Center at its Lippstadt location. This investment of 14 million Euros means that now HELLA is able to extend its own research capacities in the field of electronics, particularly when it comes to innovative technologies for state-of-the-art mobility. Operations at the new center will be focused on the four product sections of Driver Assistance Systems and Energy Management, Steering, Components and Body Electronics. But, furthermore, the new center in Lippstadt will also carry out a steering, i.e. managerial, function within the international research and development network of the entire Group. The brand new, six-floor building boasts a total space of 14,000 square meters, an area capable of housing approximately 700 members of staff. The new center also has more than 50 conference rooms, a variety of test laboratories and a staff café on the first floor. And throughout the entire complex, the energy-efficient LED interior lighting systems developed by HELLA are in operation.

2014 HELLA and BAIC launch joint venture for lighting systems HELLA Logo

The HELLA Group has further strengthened its presence on the rapidly growing Chinese car market by setting up a joint venture with the leading Chinese automobile manufacturer, BAIC. The signing of the contract for the establishment of Beijing Hella BHAP Automotive Lighting Co. Ltd. took place in Munich on March 26, 2014.

HELLA - the family-run business is now a listed company HELLA - the family-run business is now a listed company

On November 11, 2014 HELLA shares are traded for the first time on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The initial trading price is 27.50 Euros. The official start of trading was preceded by a two-part private placement to institutional investors and family offices. Even after going public, HELLA remains a family-run business - the shareholders have pledged to keep a total of 60 percent of the shares until at least 2024. The company plans to use the extra financial resources to continue along its long-term growth course in a globalized competitive environment.

In January 2015 HELLA's Stock Market Listing wins award for European equity issue of the year 2014.

HELLA opens international guest house with conference facilities and a sports center HELLA GLOBE

In April, HELLA has opened the HELLA Globe in Lippstadt. The new building, literally on the doorstep of company headquarters, will be used as a guest, conference and sports center for HELLA employees from Germany and abroad. "The Globe is a veritable symbol of our international network", explained Dr. Behrend during the inauguration. The number of employees who arrive in Lippstadt from all four corners of the earth for meetings, coordination talks and training courses has been rising steadily for years. With the advent of HELLA Globe, the visitors will now be able to enjoy their very own guest house providing 39 rooms with ultra modern furnishings, a spacious lounge area and five conference and meeting rooms that can be flexibly laid out to suit a variety of occasions. Furthermore, HELLA Globe, covering an area of 3,300 square meters, is equipped with a fitness center and a sports hall, thus providing another mainstay for HELLA IN MOTION, the company's sports and health program.

2015 HELLA expands wholesale business by continuing acquisitions HELLA Logo

By acquiring the remaining 21 percent of Danish company FTZ and purchasing 50 percent of Polish Inter-Team, HELLA has significantly strengthened its wholesale business. The former joint ventures are now fully owned by HELLA and part of Nordic Forum, which conducts the company's wholesale business for Northern and Eastern Europe.

2016 HELLA expands aftermarket e-commerce activities HELLA Logo

HELLA is further expanding its e-commerce activities in the Aftermarket segment. By acquiring iParts, the leading online shop for vehicle parts in Poland, the company aims at bolstering its e-commerce activities while accelerating its further expansion. The focus here will initially be placed on the Northern and Eastern European territories.

2017 HELLA successfully completes refinancing of 2014/2017 bond HELLA Logo

HELLA has successfully placed a corporate 300 million euro bond on the capital market. The bond term is seven years and and has a coupon interest of 1.0 percent per year. The issue generated strong interest of notable domestic and international institutional investors and led to great demand resulting in an approximately eightfold over-subscription.

HELLA expands international production capacities HELLA Logo

Thanks to the construction of new plants in China, Mexico, Lithuania and India, HELLA is expanding its international production capacities and thus meets the increasing demand for innovative lighting and electronics solutions.

HELLA and Hengst tie the knot HELLA and Hengst tie the knot

Agreement for comprehensive collaboration in the area of filtration in Great Britain Thanks to a strong venture with OEM Hengst Filtration and the start of sales activities of filtration products, HELLA is launching a new chapter in the UK. The agreement brings together two long-established companies. HELLA was founded in 1899, Hengst in 1958. As OE manufacturers and system suppliers to the global automotive industry, both are pursuing identical goals: HELLA and Hengst are award-winning technological pioneers renowned for best quality, availability and support to the independent aftermarket.

HELLA receives Award by Foundation for Family Businesses for Societal Importance Dr. Juergen Behrend and Stefan Heidbreder

HELLA is one of the 100 most important family businesses in Germany. That is the result of a study on behalf of the Foundation for Family Businesses. Over ten years, renowned scientific institutes regularly analyzed the macro-economic performance data of several hundred German family-owned businesses in this regard. They researched the overall economic significance of the companies - as for example their commitment as responsible employers.

Inauguration of new HELLA Development Center for Automotive Lighting Technology in Sindelfingen HELLA Development Center for Automotive Lighting Technology in Sindelfingen

HELLA has officially opened its New Development Center for Automotive Lighting Technology in Sindelfingen in the context of an official inauguration ceremony. HELLA has therefore now its own presence in one of Europe's strongest automotive regions. Complementing the work of our headquarters in the Westphalian city of Lippstadt, the Development Center in Sindelfingen should contribute to meeting the increasing demand for innovative lighting solutions. The number of developers is projected to gradually increase to over 100 employees.

Company name change to HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA HELLA Logo HELLA further expands software location in Berlin HELLA Logo

HELLA is further developing its subsidiary company HELLA Aglaia in Berlin, specialized in image processing and software solutions. Against this backdrop, the company has moved into its new headquarters in the Berlin Tempelhof district. Employee numbers are projected to reach up to 500 over time.

HELLA and BreezoMeter agree on strategic cooperation HELLA Logo

The lighting and electronics expert HELLA and the Israeli service provider of cloud-based air quality information, BreezoMeter, are entering into a strategic partnership. The objective of the cooperation is to create reliable real-time data on air quality in and around the vehicle while making them available to vehicle occupants. The cooperation also intends to provide personalized solutions for active health management on the basis of this cloud-based technology. 

HELLA and ebm papst spark electrification HELLA Logo

HELLA and motor and ventilation specialist ebm papst have agreed on a strategic cooperation. The focus of cooperation will be in the field of actuating systems. Both partners intend to further propel electrification and jointly develop innovative product solutions. The serial production of an electric purge pump will be the first joint project in 2019. It will significantly contribute to reducing CO2 emissions in vehicles.

HELLA and ZF agree on strategic cooperation HELLA and ZF agree on strategic cooperation

ZF and HELLA are entering into a strategic partnership. Both automotive suppliers will benefit from the cooperation in the field of sensor technology, especially for front camera systems and image recognition as well as radar systems: ZF will further increase its portfolio as a system provider of the latest assistance systems and automated driving functions. HELLA is bolstering the development of its key technologies, for which the company is gaining additional market access in the context of this cooperation. A first joint development project in camera technology is commencing immediately and aims for a market introduction in the year 2020.


* Agree on strategic collaboration between companies Hella and ZF: Dr. Stefan Sommer, CEO of ZF Friedrichshafen AG (left) and Dr. Rolf Breidenbach, CEO of HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co. (right). (photo: HELLA)

2018 Strategic collaboration with Faurecia Strategic collaboration with Faurecia

The lighting and electronics specialist HELLA and the French technology supplier Faurecia will cooperate in a strategic partnership for the development of innovative interior lighting solutions. Within this cooperation, both companies will jointly develop lighting solutions with high-technology content in the domain of surface-lighting and dynamic-lighting for a comprehensive personalized cockpit environment.

New electronics plant in Lithuania opened Group image

HELLA has opened a new plant in Lithuania. With its new plant in the Lithuanian Kaunas region, HELLA will serve the rising demand for electronics components on the European market. Over time, the number of employees is intended to increase to 250.

Production capacities in the NAFTA region expanded significantly HAM-E Mexico Inauguration

HELLA has expanded its production capacities in the NAFTA region significantly. To this end, the lighting and electronics specialist has opened a new electronics plant in Apaseo el Grande in the Mexican state of Guanajuato. In addition, the production capacities in two existing lighting plants in Mexico were expanded at the end of 2017.

Electronics joint venture with BHAP in China launched Electronics joint venture with BHAP in China launched

HELLA continues to expand its presence on the Chinese market by launching a new joint venture dealing in electronic components with the company BHAP, which is part of the BAIC automotive group. The signing of the contract for the founding of the joint venture to be known as HELLA BHAP Electronics (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. took place on April 26, 2018.

2019 Second electronics plant in India Second electronics plant in India

HELLA has opened a second electronics plant in India. The new production facility will meet the growing demand for electronic components and strengthen proximity to local customers. Production at the new location will initially focus on sensor solutions for accelerator pedal sensors and will gradually be expanded by further electronic products. In the first expansion phase, the plant will comprise a building area of around 5,000 square meters and employ up to 200 people in the future.

Plastic Omnium and HELLA enter into strategic partnership Plastic Omnium and HELLA enter into strategic partnership

The automotive suppliers HELLA and Plastic Omnium enter into a strategic cooperation. The focus of the cooperation will be on accelerating the holistic integration of lighting technologies into the vehicle exterior, especially for the front and rear areas.

HELLA and AEye seek to extend collaboration for sensing and perception solutions for ADAS and Automated Driving HELLA Logo

HELLA and AEye, a world leader in artificial perception systems and the developer of iDAR™, seek to extend their strategic partnership to deliver customized sensing and perception solutions for ADAS and Automated Driving based on iDAR technology. Both parties will combine their complementary capabilities in their respective domains. The focus of the cooperation is in the field of LiDAR sensors.

2022 The seventh largest automotive supplier worldwide FORVIA

Following the successful completion of the acquisition of a controlling stake in HELLA by Faurecia on January 31, 2022, HELLA and Faurecia introduce FORVIA, the newly combined Group’s name. Together, HELLA and Faurecia, with a total of around 150,000 employees, form the world's seventh-largest automotive supplier and one of the global market leaders in high-growth technology fields.

1908 The company’s first outstanding product innovation - the “System HELLA” acetylene headlamp HU_Product_1908

This acetylene headlamp has a plano-concave lens behind the burner and its convex surface is lined with silver to reflect the light. The grinding process involved in producing these lenses yields much greater precision than is achieved with metal reflectors.

1936 Headlamp prototypes Headlamp prototypes

WMI supplies headlamps for the very first prototype of the Volkswagen.

1957 Headlamp prototypes Headlamp prototypes

First type approval for a headlamp with asymmetric light distribution.

1965 First fully electronic flasher unit First fully electronic flasher unit

A foot in the door in the electronics segment: the first fully electronic flasher unit.

1971 First H4 (halogen) headlamp First H4 (halogen) headlamp

HELLA is the first manufacturer to receive approval for an H4 (halogen) headlamp.

1983 First DE projection headlamps First DE projection headlamps

In the DE projection headlamp, the light is projected onto the road based on the principle of a slide projector, greatly increasing light emission even though the size of the light aperture is reduced.

1988 HELLA launches the free form reflector (FF) HELLA launches the free form reflector (FF)

Free-surface technology (FF) is developed, allowing much more efficient use of the light beam. In the new technology, reflectors are positioned based on computer calculations to generate the light distribution without needing any optical profiles in the cover lens.

1992 Xenon headlamps enter series production Xenon headlamps enter series production

First-generation Xenon headlamps from HELLA go into series production.

1996 Pedal sensor with accelerator pedal Pedal sensor with accelerator pedal

HELLA develops the first integrated accelerator pedal sensor with accelerator pedal, pedal power generation and sensors in a modular unit.

1999 Rain-light sensors HU_Product_1999b

Series launch of integrated rain-light sensors.

Bi-Xenon headlamp Bi-Xenon headlamp

The first Bi-Xenon headlamps go into series production.

2003 The intelligent battery sensor (IBS) from HELLA delivers efficient energy management The intelligent battery sensor

The Intelligent Battery Sensor is a prime example of high-efficiency energy management. These sensors check battery status and supply detailed, precise power, voltage and temperature values from the vehicle’s battery. This data makes it possible to reallocate energy within the vehicle to optimally serve its needs.

Cornering light and dynamic bend lighting HELLA is the first company to produce cornering and dynamic bend lights in series

HELLA is the first company to produce cornering and dynamic bend lights in series.

2007 The first front camera with traffic sign recognition The first front camera with traffic sign recognition

A front camera monitors the road during driving and recognizes traffic signs. The new feature also warns drivers when they are going faster than the posted limit.

2008 Full LED headlamps Full LED headlamps

HELLA develops the first full LED headlamp for the Cadillac Escalade Platinum.

2010 Dynamic Light Assist from HELLA enhances visibility Dynamic Light Assist from HELLA enhances visibility

The Dynamic Light Assist feature in the VW Touareg is based on intelligent interaction between a front camera, powerful image processing software and the very latest in lighting technology from HELLA. A camera located on the front windshield detects vehicles driving ahead as well as oncoming vehicles. Powerful image processing functions analyze the data and pinpoint the exact location of the other vehicles on the road. This information is used to move a special cylinder-shaped shade between the light source and the projection lens in the headlamp so that other road users do not have to contend with added glare. This helps ensure optimum visibility for the at all times, without disturbing other road users.

First full LED headlamp with AFS functions for the Audi A8 First full LED headlamp with AFS functions for the Audi A8

The new Audi A8 features a very special highlight: optional full-LED headlamps with AFS functions from HELLA. The low beam has ten projection lenses arranged like a curved ribbon. They give the vehicle a distinctive, impressive look – both day and night. AFS feature allows drivers to activate different lighting functions depending on the driving situation. Built-in specific light distributions include adverse weather light, motorway light, high beam and cornering light, all produced by switching individual LEDs on and off. The adverse weather light, for example, cuts down on glare from the vehicle’s own lights in fog or heavy rain by scattering light more widely.

2012 HELLA presents new workshop portal HELLA Tech World HELLA_Logo

The new workshop portal HELLA Tech World combines comprehensive expert knowledge with technical information on product- and vehicle-specific problems during maintenance and repair. It contains more than 1,200 vehicle-specific diagnostics and repair tips as well as numerous technical videos related to the HELLA competence sectors lighting, electrics, electronics and thermal management that can be found directly and simply via an intuitive user interface and fast search. It also contains comprehensive technical know-how on further and continuing training. 

First Headlamp with LED Main Beam Function for the Truck Segment First Headlamp with LED Main Beam Function for the Truck Segment

Due to the particular requirements of the truck segment, it was decided to employ long-lasting and vibration-resistant LED light sources. This is particularly relevant in the case of lighting functions with the longest operating time, such as daytime running lights, position lights, and low beams. The low beam's light intensity is at the Xenon level. Thanks to the fact that the LEDs' light color resembles daylight, the subjective perception of brightness is considerably greater. This allows drivers to rely on natural vision, which perceives contrasts better. Combined with homogeneous light distribution, the headlamp therefore contributes to increased traffic safety by preventing fatigue. As a result of the use of energy-efficient LED light sources, the power consumption of the low beam could also be reduced to 21 watts, which represents a savings of 49 watts compared to a conventional filament-bulb solution. Therefore the LED headlamp contributes significantly to reducing CO2 emissions.

2013 HELLA Pagid expands by 3,400 products in brake hydraulics segment Pagid_logo_160_x_80_neu

Hella Pagid is expanding its product portfolio by adding the brake hydraulics segment, thus adding 3,400 products. A comprehensive range of goods is now on offer and customers can choose among more than 7,400 products. In addition to brake linings, brake discs, brake fluids and brake accessories, such as warning contacts, also brake calipers and brake hoses as well as brake master cylinders and wheel brake cylinders will from now on be included in the Hella Pagid product range.

First vehicle with 100% LED low beam headlamps and optional camera based full-LED headlamp with glare-free high beam First vehicle with 100% LED low beam headlamps and optional camera based full-LED headlamp with glare-free high beam

With the facelift of the Mercedes E-Class two major trends in LED headlamps were developed for series and high-end systems. Series LED headlamps with a reflector system and static low beam. In contrast, the optional system is a high-technology full LED headlamp and features all functions of intelligent lighting system. It is separating the close and distance light distribution through two independent LED light modules in each headlamp. So the inner module generates a constant light distribution within the close visual range in front of the vehicle. While the outer module is responsible for the glare free high beam. At darkness the vehicle drives with permanent high beam, thereby the system detects oncoming traffic or traffic ahead through a camera and automatically modifies the light distribution accordingly to the situation.

Ambient lights: HELLA sets trends for interiors Ambient lights: HELLA sets trends for interiors

The interest in innovative lighting solutions for vehicle interiors has been growing across all segments. This is the impetus behind HELLA recently providing equipment for innovative interior lighting concepts for the Opel Adam, VW Golf and Seat Leon along with the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. In order to meet the demands for customization, the designers can already utilize a wealth of design options: From elongated light guides integrated around the center console or into door designs to diffuse lights for illuminating footwells or map pockets. The Range Rover SUV allows drivers to create their own ambiance. In terms of physical equipment, HELLA implements this function using RGB modules which consist of three different colored LEDs. The light is injected into the light guides and the mixing and brightness is controlled by a LIN controller.

Matrix LED technology makes its debut Matrix LED technology makes its debut

World premiere: The AUDI A8 will boasting the world's first ever Matrix LED headlight. The heart of this headlight is the glare-free high beam. This allows the driver to travel in his vehicle with a permanent high beam without risk of dazzling oncoming traffic or any preceding vehicles. Such a function is technically possible thanks to the splitting up of the high beam into five reflectors, each one having a chip containing 5 LEDs. Each LED on the 5-segment chip can be controlled separately and so many light distributions are possible. The implementation of Matrix technology allows, for the first time, several tunnels to open simultaneously. The masking out other vehicles as well as the adaption of the light cone to the driving situation is ensured. It is not only the safety-enhancing functions that make the headlights especially - it is also their attractive design.

Tail and brake light realized with mirror tunnel technology for the first time Tail and brake light realized with mirror tunnel technology for the first time

For the first time an optical system with mirrors has been used in the Citroen C4 Picasso to infinitely reflect the light emitted by the two functions of LED brake light/LED lamp. The tail lights' brake light/lamp functions, available as an optional feature, take the form of two 3D modules, each with 15 light-emitting diodes (LEDs). A thick-walled optic, teamed with one semi-transparent mirror that is set back slightly and another that is located at the front, create a 3D tunnel effect: when the light from the LEDs reaches the semi-transparent mirror at the front, it partially crosses it, whilst the residual light reaches the mirror that is set back a little and is immediately reflected. In this way, a 3D tunnel effect is created, despite the low geometrical depth of the tail lights. Other signaling functions are realized using conventional lighting technology. A basic version is also available with filament bulbs only.

2014 HELLA becomes member of CAB Concept Cluster HELLA_members_of_the_Cab_Concept_Cluster1

The CAB Concept Cluster is a platform created in 2014 comprised of experienced OEM suppliers, the Technische Universitaet Dresden and various industrial partners and associations. The cluster is focused on manufacturers of construction and agricultural machinery as well as forklifts. It aims at bundling pre-series innovations in joint projects while demonstrating potentials for efficient system integration. The presentation of a wheel bearing Genius CAB at bauma 2016 showed how a customer-neutral platform can pool innovation and added value for customers. At Agritechnica 2017, the Cluster presented its latest project, the Smart CAB. On the basis of a multifunctional cab for autonomous harvesting machinery, the integrated innovations show how the demands of the agricultural technology field can be met today and in the future. HELLA is proud to be part of the Cluster and has contributed innovative lighting and electronics solutions to both projects.

HELLA designs elegant interior and striking rear lamps for BMW X5. 10020416a_OE0

The interior and ambient lighting generate an elegant and cozy feel inside the new BMW X5. The light sources encircle the vehicle's interior, highlighting its contours and turning it into a haven of harmony and comfort. Drivers can choose among three colors (white, orange, blue) across nine different lighting scenarios. As a first for BMW, HELLA has developed a rear lamp for the new X5 in which all lighting functions are realized with LED technology. Thanks to its design and the use of innovative edge lighting, this lamp highlights the sporty character of the vehicle.


As a first for BMW, HELLA has developed a rear lamp for the new X5 in which all lighting functions are realized with LED technology. Thanks to its design and the use of innovative edge lighting, this lamp highlights the sporty character of the vehicle.

Debut of Matrix LED technology Audi_A8_Final_Neu

HELLA and AUDI present the world's first electronic Matrix LED headlamp with glare-free high beam in an Audi A8. Using the Matrix technology now makes it possible to open several tunnels at the same time. It allows drivers to travel with activated high beams without however blinding passing or preceding vehicles.  While these vehicles are “blocked out”, the high beam continues to fully illuminate all the areas between the vehicles and to the left and right of them. Technically, this function is possible by subdividing the high beam into five reflectors, each with a chip containing 5 LEDs. For the first time, HELLA succeeded in operating every LED on the 5-segment chip individually, allowing a total of 25 LEDs per headlamp to be operated, as required, at either full or dimmed capacities. 

Timely and efficient passenger counting with the Hella Aglaia People Counter APS-90_pers-2_72dpi

Hella Aglaia is presenting the new APC People Counter on IT-Trans, the international trade fair for public passenger transport. The APC People Counter has a variety of applications for counting persons in passenger transport, such as busses and trains, and for stationary use in terminals and at train track gates. The 3D stereo camera with integrated image processing and analysis function constitutes the heart of the APC People Counter. The complex method of measurement ensures very high counting accuracy, which remains equally strong even during strong crowding and group formation.

2015 HELLA’s automotive lighting design for the agricultural sector DEUTZ-FAHR_SERIES_9_with_customized_worklight

HELLA has more than 100 years of experience with supplying automotive equipment and continually furthers the development of lighting technology. HELLA also applies this expertise to the agricultural vehicle sector, where modern lighting solutions and design are gaining increasing significance. Against this backdrop, HELLA is primarily promoting tailor-made customer-specific solutions and LED technology. Compared to conventional halogen light sources, LEDs make possible not only improved lighting and lower power consumption, but they allow creating entirely new trends in vehicle design while enhancing brand identity and appearance. 

Striking HELLA interior lighting concept in Chevrolet Camaro HELLA_Chevrolet Camaro_ambient interior lighting_1

 HELLA is providing a new type of interior lighting concept for the Chevrolet Camaro, lending the vehicle interior a distinctive design. For the first time, the color no longer changes in a static fashion. In other words, not all light guides change color at the same time; instead the change is dynamic. The color scheme spreads slowly throughout the vehicle in a subtle, flowing pattern from the central display. Drivers can either choose directly among 24 different colors or couple the interior lighting color to the driving mode, such as e.g. "cruise mode", "track mode" or "sport mode".

2016 Light carpet function illuminates lateral vehicle area HELLA_Light carpet function in the new BMW 7 Series

For the new BMW 7 Series, a radiant light carpet illuminates the ground on both sides of the vehicle and guides the driver to the vehicle. The lamps that generate this effect were designed by the lighting experts at HELLA and are the first of their kind. The lighting modules are mounted to the rocker panels behind the front wheels in a static position. From there, the lights illuminate the ground in a uniform fashion along four meters.

World premiere of Concept Cab Genius CAB GeniusCab_Frontview

In the specially conceived Genius Cab – the result of a Cab Concept Cluster Cooperation between noted OEM suppliers and renowned scientists in the industry – all partners contributed their core competencies, showing very clearly how cooperation can create more efficient systems. Hella contributes the LED work lights, the SignaturLight, the interior lighting, the radio remote control to unlock the door, the accelerator pedal and the rain/light sensor. Since the major Genius Cab presentation will take place at the individual cluster partners’ booths, a special app, “Genius Cab Walk & Win” has been developed for Android and Apple to guide bauma visitors directly to the respective booths. You will find more information about the Genius Cab at www.cabconceptcluster.com. 

HELLA and InnoSenT strengthen partnership HELLA_Logo

HELLA and technology firm InnoSenT, to which HELLA holds a 50 % stake, are intensifying their existing partnership. The newly signed cooperation agreement determines that InnoSenT, a leading provider of radar technology, will sell all future automotive portfolio products and services exclusively to HELLA. The agreed exclusivity in the joint development of radar systems for the automotive industry is a continuation of the working relationship between the two companies started in 2010. "This underpins our market position and ensures we can continue to develop high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective radar systems," says Carsten Roch, head of the driver assistance systems product segment at HELLA. For InnoSenT, the exclusive collaboration is "a unique opportunity to move to mass production of intelligent and innovative radar solutions," adds Christian Frank, head of Automotive at InnoSenT.

HELLA PAGID is new partner for Audi Sport TT Cup Pagid_logo_160_x_80_neu

Hella Pagid, the Essen-based brake system specialist serving the independent aftermarket and operating in a joint venture with the automotive suppliers TMD Friction and HELLA, is now the official partner of the Audi Sport TT Cup for the current season. The Audi Sport TT Cup was first launched in 2015.

HELLA starts selling its IBS 2.0 for caravaning sector IBS_2.0

In 2017, HELLA starts selling its second generation of intelligent battery sensors (IBS), specially developed for caravaning, motorhomes and the marine sector. These sensors are equipped with the very latest technology from the automotive industry. They will enable users to determine the charge status and aging of consumer and starter batteries even more precisely. HELLA has also further developed the associated software to enable these sensors to be used for a number of batteries connected in parallel, as well as for larger batteries with up to 500 ampere hours. An additional benefit is the sensor’s compact design, which makes it particularly easy to install in difficult mounting positions.

HELLA and Covestro present designs for vehicle lighting with holographic technology 2016_1019_HELLA_covestro_K2016_Concept_RCL02

HELLA and Covestro, one of the largest global polymer manufacturers, have jointly developed new designs for the front and rear illumination of electric cars. The tripartite rear lamp will for the first time use holographic technology. Covestro integrated the HELLA-developed holograms into a holographic foil storing the visuals and incorporating them into the rear lamp. This allows creating 3D effects and the impression of freely floating elements in the lamp interior. Furthermore, the vehicle front has been redesigned as seamless and homogenous surface. The signaling function has been integrated as continuous lighting strip, which can be animated. HELLA-developed modules enable all other functions.

MATRIX HD84 - the first high-resolution digital lighting system HELLA_MB E-Klasse Scheinwerfer

The LED module with 84 individually controllable pixels in three lines constitutes the striking heart of the headlamp. A world premiere: the individually controllable light pixels create a most precise and highly flexible light distribution across the entire illuminated high-beam area -- and this for the first time also in the area of the low beam, without however making use of mechanical actuator units. The integrated adaptive High Beam Assistant Plus also results in the high beam being used more frequently, therefore offering greater safety and comfort. The headlamp design was recently awarded the Red Dot Award.

Full LED rear lamp for Audi A4 sedan HELLA_rear combination lamp

HELLA is equipping the Audi A4 sedan with innovative LED technology rear lamps. Particularly noteworthy is the pronounced homogeneity of the rear lamp, which is independent of the observer's viewing angle. This effect results from LED-generated light bouncing off a channel-type reflector onto a diffuse additional lens with a very high level of scatter. The rear lamp is also equipped with a dynamic direction indicator: three light-emitting diodes are activated one after the other, thus creating a "wiping" effect in the direction of intended travel. 

Ten-millionth 24 GHz radar sensor manufactured 24_GHz_sensor

Lighting and electronics expert HELLA has been producing radar sensors in the 24 GHz narrow-band range for more than a decade. A few days ago, the ten-millionth sensor left the electronics plant in Hamm.

HELLA put its first generation of 24 GHz radar sensors into serial production already back in 2005. The sensor systems are ideal for applications that have since become standard functions, such as blind spot detection, lane change assistants and rear-facing parking assistance. To accomplish these tasks, the sensor records the speed, angle and distance information for objects in an area up to 70 meters away. Then it evaluates the information. By its own account, HELLA is now market leader in the field of 24 GHz narrow-band sensors. Fifteen automobile manufacturers have already chosen the company as their supplier, resulting in more than 120 vehicle series being outfitted with this radar technology at present.

2017 The Workshop's Friend Friend_image

The objective of any workshop consists in getting cars back on the road as quickly as possible. Lighting and electric specialist HELLA has focused and optimized its processes and services on the independent aftermarket in that spirit. HELLA accompanies workshops along the entire repair process - from vehicle reception via vehicle diagnosis, including errors and parts identification, to online repair assistance and technical advice.

HELLA receives Daimler Supplier Award Supplier_Award_fur_HELLA

HELLA received the 2016 Daimler Supplier Award in the Quality category. Once annually, Daimler awards select suppliers that have stood out thanks to their extraordinary services and collaborative partnership. Members of the Daimler AG Board of Directors and the Heads of Purchasing praised HELLA for the professional quality during the startup phase of the innovative MULTIBEAM LED headlamp in the new E-Class as well as for its high-quality series production.

Hella Pagid further develops its range of copper-free brake pads 10040265a_AM0

Hella Pagid aims at converting its worldwide product range entirely to copper-free brake pads by 2025. The topic of environmental protection is extremely important to Hella Pagid. Copper-free and/or low-copper braking pads have therefore always been part of its product range as copper is suspected of harming the environment. Brake pads without copper are furthermore increasingly required by law. 

750 millionth position sensor with CIPOS® technology sold Positionssensoren

More than 750 million sensors with CIPOS® (Contactless Inductive Position Sensor) technology are cruising the roads across the globe. "This currently makes CIPOS® the most successful position sensor technology in the car industry“, says Christoph Söhnchen, Head of Program Management at HELLA. Accelerating, braking, stirring or shifting -- all safety-relevant processes require exact recording, operation and control while driving. This is ensured by position sensors, also referred to as path or angle sensors.

New headlamp dimension: Liquid Crystal HD technology enables fully adaptive light distribution in real time LCD Scheinwerfer

In the context of the research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) regarding the fully adaptive light distribution for intelligent, efficient and safe vehicle lighting (VoLiFa2020), lighting and electronics expert HELLA has developed and constructed a headlamp on the basis of a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) in collaboration with project partners Merck, the Institut für Großflächige Mikroelektronik IGM, Stuttgart University, Porsche, Elmos Semiconductor, Schweizer Electronic, and the University of Paderborn. The high-resolution headlamps also enable highly complex functions: projections of protection zones for cyclists, for example, or navigation arrows as well as lines indicating the ideal driving lane.

As member of the CAB Concept Cluster, HELLA is recipient of the 2017 iF DESIGN AWARD HELLA_Logo

The CAB Concept Cluster received the iF DESIGN AWARD and thus ranks among the laureates of the globally renowned design label. The Genius CAB was recognized in the Industry category of the Product discipline. The iF DESIGN AWARD is awarded once annually by Germany's oldest independent design organization, the iF International Forum Design GmbH in Hanover. Die Genius CAB convinced the independent international 58-member expert jury with its innovative customer-independent innovation platform, efficiently linking novel solutions of renowned manufacturers. The number of competitors was significant. Jurors were tasked with awarding the coveted seal of approval after selecting among 5,575 submissions from 59 countries.

VISIOTECH: New high-speed projection system from HELLA improves occupational safety Kommunikation_mittels_Licht1

Our latest development enabled us to create a projection module in such unique luminous intensity that it can also optimally serve during daylight.  Thanks to its special lens optics, it is possible to project warning signals on the ground in front of the vehicle. The possibilities here are very varied. The projections can be developed and realized according to customer preferences. The luminous intensity ensures that any signals are optimally discernable also during daylight. HELLA has already implemented a first projection module that is available as of immediately. It projects an exclamation mark as warning signal. Other versions are possible upon customer request.

World premiere Smart Cab The_Smart_CAB_2_klein1

At Agritechnica 2017, the CAB Concept Cluster presented its latest project, the Smart Cab. On the basis of a multifunctional cab for autonomous harvesting machinery, the integrated innovations show how the demands of the agricultural technology field can be met today and in the future. As lighting and electronics expert, HELLA contributed to the Smart CAB with the following concepts: smart matrix work light headlamps that avoid glaring in conjunction with the HELLA-developed light reference sensor and eye tracking and/or object recognition by automatically dimming individual elements whenever those are glaring or unnecessary; lighting for drones; a washing system for sensors; the HELLA projection module enabling communication via light; a styling light for customer-specific design and more recognition as well as an interior lighting system that can be used as, both, ambient reading light or for collision detection.  

2018 HELLA lighting concept sets new standards in Audi A8 HELLA lighting concept sets new standards in  Audi A8

The lighting and electronics expert HELLA has implemented a comprehensive lighting concept for the new Audi A8. It combines intelligent safety with individual comfort and striking animations; light here serves not only as a safety function but also takes center-stage as a design element. With HELLA's Coming Home and Leaving Home scenarios, the front and rear lighting units of this luxury sedan make an important contribution to vehicle individualization. It furthermore has a unique vehicle interior. 

HELLA LED Matrix Headlamps for the new Touareg HELLA LED Matrix Headlamps for the new Touareg

The Touareg of the latest generation features one of the most powerful lighting systems on the market -- the LED Matrix Headlamps jointly developed by HELLA and Volkswagen. Via the targeted control of up to 128 LEDs, they will provide very precise and optimal light distribution and luminous intensity. 

HELLA produces 20 millionth Electronic Control Unit HELLA produces 20 millionth Electronic Control Unit

Since 2010, the lighting and electronics expert HELLA has been producing electronic control units (ECU) for Electrical Power Steering (EPS). At the production plant in Germany, the 20 millionth unit has recently rolled off the assembly line.

HELLA equips A7 Sportback with intelligent lighting functions HELLA equips A7 Sportback with intelligent lighting functions

Together with the automobile manufacturer Audi, HELLA has developed a striking lighting technology for the new Audi A7 Sportback. Reliable communication between the front camera, sensors and headlamps is prerequisite for the HD Matrix LED with laser high beam. The HELLA control unit required for this task controls the headlamps and takes care of all functions, from low to high beams to wiping direction indicators and animations for welcoming and seeing off the driver. Only a single control unit is therefore necessary to control all functions. 

2019 HELLA develops pioneering battery solutions for mild hybrid vehicles 01-MicroHybrid_ICE_2VBM_Newest_240

HELLA is supporting customers holistically on their path to electromobility and develops and manufactures as a subsystem supplierproducts that support all stages of automotive electrification. With the new products Dual Voltage Battery Management System and PowerPack 48 Volt, the company is now one of the first on the market to offer innovative battery module solutions for partially electric cars, so-called mild hybrid vehicles.

Light Design: HELLA offers integrated solution for complex lighting systems 2019_06 HELLA_Schaubild_240

HELLA is the first supplier to offer a complete system for complex lighting systems. Upon request, customers can receive all components for complex lighting systems on a modular basis. Front lighting functions can be simulated on the PC with the software ALiSiA and with the tool GAIN, users can create individual lighting animations.