HELLA India Lighting Ltd.
Hella India Lighting Ltd.

Hella India Lighting Ltd.

HELLA India Lighting Ltd. brings “Technology of Tomorrow for the Life of Today” to Indian Roads. Member of the Management Board of the HELLA Group, Germany, along with all employees of HILL, have adopted the new strategy for the company to focus all future activities around the central theme of ensuring road safety on Indian Roads. In this regard HILL focuses on state of the art technology products for the special OE segment and safety awareness campaigns through its strong independent Aftermarket network.

India is one of the focus markets for the HELLA Group and in the last years Hella India Lighting has turnaround its operations and thus earned the right to grow. HILL has achieved benchmark in quality performance and assured resource support for training and development of all employees to perform the “Technology Jump”.To operationalize the new strategy of HILL and to perform the “Technology Jump”, HELLA’s plant at Derabassi has gone through modernization and the plant has been equipped with latest machines and facilities.

HELLA India Lighting has set up its company vision to impact the aspect of recognition. Moreover the company seeks to lower the number of deaths during traffic accidents by 10% by the end of this decade. The latest death toll figures show that there are almost 1 lakh deaths due to road accidents. This issue is of prime importance to HILL. The company’s vision is able to create and unlock a new value paradigm for end consumers. The safety cycle during night – to see and to be seen – is of great importance. Looking at the number of road accidents, the increasing death toll and the social and economic impact, HELLA is committed to road safety through its company vision. HILL has launched safety enabling products, tries to increase awareness of safety critical do’s and don’ts and actively engages with related non-governmental organizations and governmental departments.



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