2024-06-11 Company

125 years of FORVIA HELLA: from a lamp manufacturer in Lippstadt to a global technology leader

  • 11 June 1899: Foundation of the "Westfälische Metall-Industrie Aktien-Gesellschaft" and start of the company's rise to an industrial enterprise
  • Technological strength as a common thread: from the "System Hella" acetylene lamp as the first pioneering innovation to the digital headlamp SSL | HD
  • The electronics business: Launched with the first fully electronic indicator unit in 1965, today a leader in many products for autonomous driving and electromobility
  • Since 2022: company of the FORVIA Group, the seventh largest supplier of automotive technology worldwide

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2024-04-18 Technology & Products

RokLUME 280N SMART: Intelligent work lamp system revolutionises work lighting

  • Individual light colour settings in amber or green ensure better visibility
  • Easy installation and commissioning thanks to Powerline Communication (PLC)
  • Work lamp is available in six different illumination variants

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2024-04-02 Company

MAHLE and FORVIA HELLA successfully complete the sale of their shares in joint venture BHTC

  • MAHLE and FORVIA HELLA successfully transfer their respective 50 percent stakes to AUO Corporation
  • Sale of shares is the result of constructive discussions between the two companies against the background of a change of control clause in the joint venture agreement

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2024-03-22 Company

FORVIA HELLA honoured with John Deere Award for sustainability

  • Heat recovery system installed at the location in Großpetersdorf, Austria
  • System saves around 175,000 kilowatt hours of natural gas annually at the site
  • FORVIA HELLA aims to achieve CO2-neutral production worldwide by 2025 at the latest

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2024-03-15 Company

Fiscal year 2023: FORVIA HELLA increases sales and improves profitability

  • Currency-adjusted sales increase by 12.7 percent to €8.1 billion; operating income margin improves by two percentage points to 6.1 percent; net cash flow in relation to sales at 2.6 percent
  • Company outlook for 2023 reached: adjusted sales, operating income margin and net cash flow in relation to sales within target corridors
  • Lighting with high sales growth and significantly improved profitability; Electronics with good demand for solutions for automated driving and electrification; solid spare parts, workshop and commercial vehicle business
  • Continuation of the established dividend policy: Dividend of €0.71 per share proposed
  • Outlook for 2024: slight improvements in sales, earnings and net cash flow expected in a persistently volatile market environment

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2024-03-13 Technology & Products

Icon of the Seas: Hella marine equips the first-of-its-kind vacation with lighting products

  • Around 20,000 energy-efficient LED downlights ensure a cozy atmosphere and safety on the high seas
  • Sophisticated optical system ensures wide-angle and very homogeneous illumination
  • Digital lighting control enables precise adjustment of the lighting in the public areas

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2024-03-05 Technology & Products

FORVIA HELLA receives further series orders for digital Smart Car Access system

  • Smart Car Access system enables hands-free vehicle access with a smartphone; avoidance of relay attacks thanks to ultra-wideband technology
  • NCAP-relevant safety function "Child Presence Detection" is being launched on the market for the first time on a UWB basis
  • System recognises children's slightest movements and breathing and informs left-behind children via smartphone
  • New functions can be provided by means of software updates; higher cost efficiency and CO2 reduction by utilising already installed hardware

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2024-02-16 Company

FORVIA HELLA: Preliminary figures for 2023 and outlook for 2024 published, competitiveness program for Europe announced

  • Currency and portfolio-adjusted sales of € 8.1 billion in fiscal year 2023; operating income margin improves to 6.1 percent; net cash flow to sales ratio of 2.6 percent
  • All Business Groups with higher sales and improved profitability
  • Order intake of around € 11 billion, including for Smart Lights, 77 GHz radar sensors, battery electronics and Smart Car Access systems
  • Cost synergies from cooperation within the FORVIA Group of € 190 million, more than half is attributable to FORVIA HELLA
  • Company outlook for 2024 forecasts slight improvements in a challenging market environment; program to sustainably strengthen competitiveness in Europe

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2024-02-13 Technology & Products

FORVIA HELLA presents pioneering “Sustainable Headlamp” concept

  • Headlamp concept combines sustainability, functionality and performance in a cost-neutral way
  • Headlamp reduces CO2 emissions by up to 70 percent over the entire product life cycle and cuts its weight by more than half

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2024-02-07 Company

Philippe Vienney appointed new Chief Financial Officer of FORVIA HELLA

  • Philippe Vienney takes over CFO role as of 1 March 2024 and, in this function, becomes a member of the Management Board
  • Vienney has many years of management experience in Finance & Controlling, including as CFO of the FORVIA Business Group Clean Mobility

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2024-01-15 Company

Dr. Marcel Wiedmann takes over management of the global spare parts and workshop business at HELLA

  • Marcel Wiedmann took on new role on 1 January 2024
  • Wiedmann has been with HELLA since September 2017, most recently as Head of the HELLA Corporate Centre Asia

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2024-01-09 Company

Xovis and HELLA's People Sensing business to join forces

  • Switzerland-based Xovis’ acquisition of HELLA Aglaia's People Sensing business creates additional market opportunities
  • HELLA Aglaia's People Sensing business to be managed as a complementary third pillar within Xovis portfolio

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2024-01-08 Technology & Products

HELLA and TÜV Rheinland: New "Traffic Rule Engine" software for autonomous vehicles

  • Software module knows the applicable local traffic regulations and thus enables autonomous vehicles to behave in accordance with the rules
  • In comparison to closed systems, the "Traffic Rule Engine" can be continuously updated via over-the-air updates
  • HELLA focuses on software development and the database, TÜV Rheinland provides support with type approval

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2023-12-01 Company

Brake joint venture Hella Pagid: HELLA and TMD Friction agree on complete takeover by HELLA

  • HELLA to acquire the 50 percent shares currently held by TMD Friction in the joint venture Hella Pagid
  • From 1st October 2024, HELLA to begin distributing brake products under the HELLA brand
  • TMD Friction to regain sole control of the Pagid brand and to expand sales of brake products under this brand from 1st October 2024
  • TMD Friction to continue to supply brake pads to HELLA

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2023-11-28 Garages & Services

Highly credible ADAS calibrations with Hella Gutmann workshop equipment

  • Multibrand solutions for calibration of cameras, lidar and radar sensors
  • Highly accurate calibration results for the reliable functioning of safety-related ADAS
  • Comprehensive modular CSC-Tool system for customization to every workshop’s requirements

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2023-11-22 Technology & Products

HELLA ValueFit BLADE: New LED auxiliary headlamp series for trucks and off-road applications

  • LED position light in striking blade shape attracts attention
  • For the first time, amber position light possible for off-road applications
  • Auxiliary headlamp series is available in 18 different versions

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2023-11-16 Company

Consumer Electronics Show: Four FORVIA technologies win CES 2024 Innovation Awards

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2023-11-07 Company

Nine-month figures 2023: HELLA grows stronger than the market

  • Reported sales increase by 13 percent; currency-adjusted sales grow by 17 percent to € 6.2 billion \
  • Operating income rises to € 363 million; operating income margin improves to 6.1 percent
  • Net cash flow to sales ratio increases to 0.7 percent
  • Lighting, Electronics and Lifecycle Solutions with strong sales growth
  • Company outlook confirmed

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2023-11-02 Technology & Products

Agritechnica 2023: HELLA presents lighting and electronics innovations for agricultural machinery

  • Product premiere: The new modular accelerator pedal system is flexibly configurable
  • Simple, steady, streamlined: S-series work lamps are supplemented by further product families
  • SlimLine: rectangular light module sets new standards in design language

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2023-10-19 Technology & Products

Three FORVIA Technologies Awarded for Innovation by European Supplier Association CLEPA in 2023

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2023-10-18 Company

Nine-month sales 2023: HELLA improves sales by 13 percent

  • Group sales increase to € 5.9 billion; currency-adjusted sales rise by 17 percent to € 6.2 billion
  • All Business Groups contribute to successful business development

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2023-10-10 Garages & Services

Hella Pagid expands product range of deposit-free brake calipers

  • Product range grows: this time by 130 articles to more than 350 brake calipers from a wide range of vehicle brands
  • Strong increase in vehicle applications to around 11,640 vehicle applications; market coverage with German manufacturers of over 70 percent

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2023-10-02 Company

MAHLE and HELLA sell BHTC shares to AUO

  • Greater growth opportunities expected for BHTC under new ownership structure
  • Total purchase price is based on an enterprise value of € 600 million

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2023-09-29 Company

Bernard Schäferbarthold will become new HELLA CEO

  • CFO Bernard Schäferbarthold to take over as CEO from 1 January 2024, succeeding Michel Favre
  • Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Ziebart: "Bernard Schäferbarthold has already demonstrated his high level of management expertise on several occasions. At the same time, I would like to thank Michel Favre for his excellent work."

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2023-09-26 Technology & Products

busworld 2023: HELLA shows modular concepts and customer-specific lighting innovations for city buses and coaches

  • Sustainable and powerful: headlamps for new Marcopolo G8 series
  • Modular, durable, striking: full LED rear combination lamps
  • SlimLine Bi-LED headlamp: first rectangular light module

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2023-09-11 Company

New CHRO: HELLA appoints Stefanie Rheker as new member of the Management Board

  • Entry into Management Board in the second quarter of 2024 at the latest
  • Many years of personnel experience and leadership skills in an international corporate environment

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2023-09-01 Company

IAA Mobility 2023: FORVIA presents its Vision of Connected, Sustainable and Automated Mobility

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2023-08-31 Werkstatt & Service

Market launch for professional High Voltage Battery Diagnostics in Automotive Workshops

  • Professional evaluation tool by Hella Gutmann for second hand electric vehicles
  • Dependable statement on the 'State of Healthʼ of the traction battery
  • Workshop-compatible solution with multi-brand diagnostic device mega macs X

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2023-08-14 Company

Moody's confirms HELLA's investment grade rating and raises outlook

  • HELLA corporate rating unchanged at Baa3, outlook raised to "stable"
  • Moody's recognizes above all HELLA's successful business development and strong liquidity position
  • Confirmation of investment grade rating secures access to long-term and independent corporate financing

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2023-08-08 Garages & Services

Hella Gutmann diagnostic devices now with automated Diagnosics function

  • By clicking on the ”Automatic Diagnostics” button, mega macs diagnostic devices with SDI software automatically run through the entire process
  • Artificial intelligence makes decisions and performs statistical evaluations

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2023-07-28 Company

State-of-the-art, sustainable and representative: HELLA will build new headquarters at Lippstadt site

  • The new location will be realised as an attractive new building on the premises of the current company headquarters
  • The project will be developed in cooperation with renowned Düsseldorf-based architects RKW Architektur +
  • Groundbreaking is planned for mid-2024

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2023-07-25 Technology & Products

IAA Mobility: FORVIA showcases its technology at Europe's largest Automotive trade show

  • FORVIA presents its portfolio in three strategic growth areas: electrification and energy management, safe and automated driving as well as digital and sustainable cockpit experiences
  • With its solutions, FORVIA underlines its commitment to reach net zero CO2 emissions by 2045

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2023-07-24 Company

First half of 2023: HELLA accelerates sales growth and increases operating income by 76 percent

  • Group sales rise by 17.3 percent to €4.0 billion, outperforming growth of global light vehicle production by 6 percentage points
  • Operating income amounts to €245 million; operating income margin increases by two percentage points to 6.1 percent
  • Net cash flow to sales ratio improves to 2.2 percent after negative prior-year figure
  • Double-digit sales growth in all Business Groups; Lighting and Electronics develop significantly better than automotive production
  • Company outlook for the fiscal year 2023 confirmed

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2023-07-18 Technology & Products

Lighting technology at the highest level: HELLA and Porsche launch world's first SSL | HD matrix headlamp

  • Digital headlamp system SSL | HD is used for the first time in the new Porsche Cayenne
  • More than 32,000 LED pixels per headlamp realise new, intelligent lighting functionalities
  • First high-resolution headlamp based on micro-LEDs is produced at the lighting plant in Lippstadt

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2023-07-06 Technology & Products

SlimLine Bi-LED headlamp: HELLA presents first rectangular Bi-LED headlamp

  • Bi-LED headlamp with advanced lighting technology and electronics for a wide range of applications and maximum demands
  • Extraordinarily slim design and technological freedom thanks to modular system

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2023-06-19 Company

Adnan Cemal becomes new Managing Director of Hella Gutmann Solutions

  • With Adnan Cemal, a long-standing HELLA executive takes over the management of the leading workshop specialist
  • He succeeds Rolf Kunold, who is leaving the company at his own request

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2023-05-24 Technology & Products

Steering technology of the future: HELLA supplies sensor technology for all-electric steer-by-wire systems

  • HELLA is one of the first suppliers on the market to bring steering sensors for by-wire applications into series production
  • Steering sensors detect the torque and angle of the steering wheel and transmit signals to the steering control system purely electrically
  • First series production starts in 2025 for various well-known customers

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2023-05-16 Technology & Products

HELLA wins numerous series orders in the field of electromobility

  • First series project for battery management systems in the US market; market launch in cooperation with AMP
  • Expansion of the product portfolio with electronic valve actuator; delivery to electric platform of a German car manufacturer
  • Monitoring of battery status through intelligent battery sensors; development focus on redundant product design for automated driving
  • Safe charging of electric vehicles with the aid of micro-actuators; series order from major Chinese car manufacturer
  • Electronics Managing Director Jörg Weisgerber: "Orders underscore that we are excellently positioned in the growth field of electromobility"

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2023-04-28 Company

HELLA Annual General Meeting 2023 resolves dividend payment of euro 2.88 per share

  • In addition to the regular dividend, the dividend includes the payment of a special dividend after the exit from the HBPO joint venture
  • Annual General Meeting also approves all other agenda items with a large majority

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2023-04-27 Company

First quarter 2023: HELLA improves profitability by 10 percent

  • Sales grow by 14.4 percent to €2.0 billion; global vehicle production increases by around 6 percent in the same period
  • Operating income improves to €111 million; operating income margin at 5.6 percent and largely at prior-year level; considerable investments to realize high order volumes
  • Net cash flow in relation to sales amounts to -1.9 percent due to high investments and the significantly improved sales development
  • All Business Groups record double-digit sales growth
  • Company outlook for the fiscal year 2023 confirmed

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2023-04-24 Company

Hella Pagid celebrates its tenth anniversary

  • Since its foundation in April 2013, the joint venture has developed into a leading full-range supplier of brake systems in the independent aftermarket
  • The key factors are the high product coverage and the excellent quality of products and services

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2023-04-13 Company

HELLA increases sales by more than 14 percent in the first quarter

  • Consolidated sales of HELLA increase significantly to around € 2.0 billion
  • Successful business development is supported by all Business Groups
  • HELLA CEO Michel Favre: "Strong start to new fiscal year underlines excellent positioning along key strategic growth areas"

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2023-04-11 Technology & Products

LogiMAT 2023: HELLA presents innovative lighting technology and sensor solutions in Stuttgart

  • HELLA presents numerous product solutions for material handling, safe working con-ditions and improved comfort as well as increased efficiency at the leading trade fair for intralogistics
  • Product highlights include a brand-new S series work lamp, lighting solutions with VISIOTECH technology and sensor solutions for driver assistance systems

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2023-04-05 Company

Auto Shanghai 2023: From electrification to Captain Chair: FORVIA displays deep understanding of chinese market

  • FORVIA will showcase breakthrough technologies at Auto Shanghai from April 18-27, 2023, participating for the first time as the world’s 7th largest automotive technology supplier
  • FORVIA will present its new solutions developed for the Chinese market along-side its global state-of-the-art portfolio, including its award-winning Solid-State Lighting High-Definition headlamp (SSL | HD).
  • All these technologies illustrate FORVIA’s commitment to become carbon-neutral across all operations and products by 2045.
  • Visit FORVIA at Hall 1.2, booth 1BF005, National Exhibition and Convention Center.

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2023-03-21 Company

Short fiscal year 2022: HELLA once again achieves record level with order intake of euro 1 billion per month

  • Reported sales in the short fiscal year 2022 (1 June to 31 December 2022) amount to €4.4 billion; adjusted EBIT is €222 million; adjusted EBIT margin rises to 5.0 percent
  • High production volumes in the lighting business in China; Electronics Business Group meets the strong demand for product solutions for electromobility and automated driving; Lifecycle Solutions successful in the spare parts and agricultural machinery business
  • Order intake was around €7 billion, especially for key automotive future trends and in strategic growth fields
  • Dividend payment totalling €2.88 per share proposed: continuation of established dividend policy and special dividend after HBPO share sale
  • Outlook for the fiscal year 2023: adjusted sales to be in the range of around €8.0 to 8.5 billion and operating income margin to be in the range of around 5.5 to 7.0 percent; net cash flow in relation to sales at approximately 2 percent

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2023-03-09 Technology & Products

HELLA expands Black Magic auxiliary headlamp series with 32 new lightbars

  • Expanded Black Magic series impresses with robust design, aluminum housing and ex-cellent light performance; all-black lightbars match any vehicle design
  • Range expansion includes 14 lightbars with ECE approval for on-road use and 18 light-bars for off-road applications

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2023-03-02 Company

CONEXPO 2023: HELLA presents new lighting solutions for construction machinery and mining vehicles

  • Introducing the New C240 LED combination headlamp from HELLA with exceptional design for heavy-duty applications
  • Smart lighting solutions increase operator safety, health and productivity
  • All-round talent: Second generation of the RokLUME 280N work light with six illumination variants

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2023-02-21 Technology & Products

HELLA manufactures 500 millionth accelerator pedal sensor

  • First series production started in 1996; today HELLA is global market leader with a share of over 40 percent
  • Company-wide first customer project in fail-safe design underway; further growth expected due to new requirements for vehicle interiors

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2023-02-16 Company

Preliminary figures and company outlook published: HELLA expects record sales and further improved profitability for 2023

  • Solid performance in short fiscal year 2022 (1 June to 31 December 2022): sales at € 4.4 billion on a preliminary basis; adjusted EBIT margin at 5.0 percent
  • Order intake of around € 7 billion within short fiscal year 2022
  • Successful business development in all Business Groups due to high demand for core products
  • Cost synergies from cooperation with Faurecia under the FORVIA umbrella expected to reach more than € 300 million at the end of 2025
  • Fiscal year 2023: Currency and portfolio-adjusted sales expected to be in the range of around € 8.0 to 8.5 billion and operating income margin at around 5.5 to 7.0 percent; projected net cash flow at approximately 2 percent of sales

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2023-02-06 Company

HELLA appoints Jörg Weisgerber and Stefan van Dalen, two executives from its own ranks, to the Management Board

  • Jörg Weisgerber is taking over from Björn Twiehaus as head of HELLA's electronics business on April 1
  • Stefan van Dalen is succeeding Dr. Lea Corzilius as new Managing Director Lifecycle Solutions also as of April 1

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2023-01-18 Technology & Products

Climate-friendly and recyclable: NALYSES research project develops sustainable headlamp

  • The research project looks at the entire product life cycle, from the purchase of materials to repair and recyclability.
  • Approaches from the project are also to be transferred to other application and product areas.
  • In addition to HELLA, other partners from industry and science are involved; the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding the project until 2025

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2023-01-13 Company

HELLA significantly increases sales and earnings in the first half of the fiscal year 2022

  • Group sales increased by 25.7% to €3.8 billion in the first six months of the short fiscal year 2022 (H1 FY 22); organic sales growth is 20.8%
  • Adjusted EBIT improved to €202 million; adjusted EBIT margin increased to 5.3%
  • All Business Groups recorded positive business development; Lighting and Electronics had double-digit sales growth
  • The Company outlook for the period 1 June 2022 to 31 May 2023 is confirmed

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2023-01-12 Garages & Services

Hella Pagid: Range is continuously being expanded

  • Hella Pagid continues to expand its position as the leading full-range supplier in the independent automotive aftermarket
  • Expansion of the range leads to coverage of 6,611 vehicle applications in 2022
  • This covers almost 100 per cent of the European vehicle population

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2023-01-04 Technology & Products

Flat, efficient and scalable: HELLA brings FlatLight technology into series production as daytime running light for the first time

  • Lighting concept is successfully transferred from the rear combination lamp to an application in the front area; series production starts in 2025
  • FlatLight technology requires only five millimetres of installation space; implementation of daytime running light, direction indicator and position light in only one light element
  • Customer project also includes headlamps with new CLA technology; miniaturisation of the light module enables striking, 10 millimetre narrow light signature

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2022-12-15 Company

CES 2023: FORVIA pioneers technologies that matter to people

  • FORVIA, the 7th global automotive supplier, will reveal several world premieres at CES 2023 from January 5-8 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • This marks the first CES with FORVIA presenting its combined portfolio of Faur-ecia and HELLA technologies addressing megatrends in electrification, auto-mated driving, and personalized cockpits.
  • FORVIA will showcase a series of groundbreaking technology and interactive experiences, demonstrating the Group’s leadership in sustainable materials, energy and weight saving, upgradability, recyclability, and circular economy de-sign.
  • The world's first Solid State Lighting High-Definition headlamp (SSL | HD) is a CES 2023 Innovation Award recipient.
  • Patrick Koller, CEO, to host press conference on January 4 at 09:00am Pacific Time at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center to present how FORVIA is rethink-ing mobility thanks to technologies that matter to people.
  • Visit the FORVIA booth at Central Plaza 3.

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2022-12-15 Company

HELLA plans to pay a special dividend following the sale of HBPO share

  • Special dividend to be € 2.61 per share
  • Established dividend policy to be continued regarding the regular dividend

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2022-12-12 Company

HELLA successfully completes exit from joint venture HBPO

  • 33.33 percent HBPO share successfully transferred to co-shareholder Plastic Omnium
  • Purchase price at € 290 million, including a dividend of around € 8 million

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2022-12-12 Technology & Products

SSL | HD: HELLA further expands leading market position in chip-based headlamp technologies

  • World's first series production of an SSL | HD headlamp started at the Lippstadt site
  • Total order intake for SSL | HD technology already at around € 1.5 billion after further high-volume project acquisitions
  • High-resolution, safety-relevant lighting functions can be realised through individual switching of up to 25,000 LED pixels per chip
  • Halving of development costs and capital expenditure on the customer side possible due to "world headlamp approach”

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2022-12-08 Technology & Products

Centralization of thermal management continues: HELLA receives further series orders for Coolant Control Hub

  • Further nominations by international and German automobile manufacturers; start of series production planned for 2024 and 2025
  • Higher efficiency of electric cars and lower costs by connecting different cooling circuits in the vehicle
  • Flexible adaptation to customer requirements through modular, integrative platform approach

Lea el artículo completo
2022-11-17 Technology & Products

Hella Gutmann and ADAC extend their partnership with telematics and remote diagnosis

  • ‘Yellow Angelsʼreceive telematics support
  • Smart Connect transmits selected vehicle data to ADAC headquarters
  • More precise troubleshooting and faster onward travel

Lea el artículo completo
2022-11-16 Technology & Products

Consumer Electronics Show: Digital headlamp system SSL | HD receives CES 2023 Innovation Award

  • The world's first high-resolution headlamp based on matrix LED technology
  • Implementation of new, safety-relevant lighting functions by means of intelligent control of up to 25,000 LEDs per chip
  • Installation space requirements for light module reduced by 75 percent

Lea el artículo completo
2022-11-03 Company

2022 Capital Markets Day: HELLA accelerates profitable growth under FORVIA Power25 plan

  • Significant market outperformance with annual sales growth of more than 10 percent to over €9.4 billion in 2025
  • Substantial increase in operating margin to above 8 percent and net cash flow to around 4 percent of sales in 2025, supported by strong profitable growth in Electronics and a profitability turnaround in Lighting
  • On track for announced FORVIA sales synergies of €300 million to €400 million and cost synergies of over €250 million by 2025, around half of which attributable to HELLA

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2022-10-25 Technology & Products

HELLA enters high-voltage market for power electronics with major customer order

  • HELLA equips ten different vehicle series of a German premium manufacturer with high-voltage voltage converters; production start mid-2025
  • Converter acts as interface between high-voltage vehicle electrical system and 12-volt consumers and ensures redundant power supply of components for automated driving and other safety-relevant functionalities

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2022-10-20 Garages & Services

HELLA offers webinar on Universal Lighting

  • Target groups are workshops, wholesalers as well as other interested parties who are looking for innovative universal lighting solutions for vehicles
  • Dates on 25 and 27 October as well as on 2 November 2022; registrations for the free event now possible via HELLA TECH WORLD

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2022-10-13 Technology & Products

Rear combination lamp technology at its best: HELLA with first customer order for innovative FlatLight concept

  • FlatLight technology to go into series production for the first time for an international car manufacturer as early as mid-2024
  • Light guide concept with particularly small optics reduces installation space requirements and weight and fundamentally changes the design of light signatures
  • Technology has around 80 percent lower energy requirements compared to conventional systems

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2022-10-12 Company

Award in two categories: HELLA and Hella Gutmann Solutions named Best Brand in readers' poll

  • HELLA voted number 1 in the lighting technology and lighting category for the sixth time in a row
  • Hella Gutmann Solutions once again the leader in beamsetter category; award confirms continued trust in services and products

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2022-10-11 Company

HELLA further expands global electronics network with two new development sites in Romania

  • Activities focus primarily on the development of product solutions for electromobility and automated driving
  • New development sites will create up to 300 new jobs over the next three to four years

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2022-10-10 Company

bauma 2022: HELLA presents new lighting solutions for construction machinery and mining vehicles

  • World premiere: New LED combination headlamp from HELLA with exceptional design for heavy-duty applications
  • Smart lighting solutions improve occupational safety and comfort and increase cost efficiency
  • All-round talent: Second generation of the RokLUME 280N work light with six illumination variants

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2022-10-05 Technology & Products

HELLA is branding electromobility: Billion-Euro customer orders for multifunctional Front Phygital Shields

  • From mid-2025, HELLA will equip a total of eight different electric vehicles from German premium car manufacturers with highly integrated modules for the front of the vehicle
  • Large Front Phygital Shields offer new design freedom to showcase the vehicle front as a styling element and strengthen brand differentiation
  • Multifunctional module available in different integration depths and customer variations
  • Use of innovative polyurethanes gives surface technology a self-healing effect

Lea el artículo completo
2022-09-30 Company

Annual General Meeting approves all agenda items with a large majority

  • Dividend of € 0.49 per share approved for the fiscal year 2021/2022; total distribution amount at € 54 million
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ziebart takes over as Chairman of the Shareholder Committee; Andreas Renschler becomes new Chairman of the Supervisory Board; Judith Buss will chair the Audit Committee in future
  • HELLA CEO Michel Favre: "Business development and record order intake show: HELLA's business model is robust and positioned for the future".

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2022-09-29 Company

HELLA starts the new fiscal year with double-digit sales growth

  • Group sales increased by 21.6 percent to € 1.8 billion in the first fiscal quarter; adjusted EBIT of € 91 million at prior-year level; adjusted EBIT margin at 5.1 percent
  • Strong demand for HELLA core products and technologies in all three business groups: Lighting, Electronics and Lifecycle Solutions
  • HELLA continues internationalization of business with disproportionate growth in China as well as North and South America
  • Company outlook confirmed despite various market uncertainties

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2022-09-22 Technology & Products

HELLA develops series production-ready key components for all-electric steer-by-wire system

  • The steer-by-wire system enables the steering to be flexibly adjusted to the specific customer or situation and opens up new design possibilities in the vehicle interior
  • The all-electric steering system is being developed together with other partners; HELLA is contributing essential key components
  • The development partner is Geely's Lotus Tech Innovation Centre and the steering system will be rolled out to other customers within and outside the Geely Group

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2022-09-21 Technology & Products

SHAKE Road Condition Sensor Supported on NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion Platform

  • Structure-borne sound sensor SHAKE identifies road conditions and detects water film on road surfaces
  • Sensor technology complements existing assistance and safety systems, enabling vehicles to “see”, “feel” and “hear”
  • HELLA 77 GHz radar sensors also qualified for NVIDIA autonomous-vehicle development platform

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2022-09-15 Company

IAA Transportation 2022: FORVIA showcases strong expertise with Faurecia and HELLA

  • FORVIA, 7th largest automotive industry supplier, will propose several world premieres at IAA Transportation
  • New Cryogenic Hydrogen Storage Solution as part of zero-emission products for hydrogen mobility, as well as the world’s first truck seat platform
  • New modular, customized full-LED lamp and its latest intelligent battery sensor for smart energy management

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2022-09-13 Garages & Services

Repair service at the touch of a button: HELLA Tech World with expanded scope

  • Clarion Europe repair service for independent workshops now available via HELLA Tech World
  • Repair-instead-of-replacement philosophy not only reduces costs, but also protects the environment

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2022-09-12 Company

HELLA Aftermarket: Wholesalers and workshops benefit from pooling of expertise with Faurecia Service in the field of exhaust systems

  • Around 3,300 different Faurecia Service exhaust system kits available through HELLA aftermarket organisation
  • HELLA now offers a complete chain of OE expertise in the field of exhaust systems with over 26,000 OE application references
  • Wholesalers and workshops benefit from expanded product range and simplified processes

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2022-09-08 Company

Automechanika 2022: HELLA fully supports workshops in the transformation of mobility

  • E-mobility and automated driving place new demands on independent workshops
  • HELLA offers comprehensive product and service solutions for the independent aftermarket to successfully manage change

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2022-08-30 Garages & Services

Hella Gutmann presents automated diagnostics

  • Use of artificial intelligence (AI) to identify faulty vehicle components
  • Automated one-click diagnostics

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2022-08-30 Technology & Products

HELLA enhances thermal management portfolio with new, powerful components

  • New electronic Valve Actuator and powerful Media Pumps complement existing product range
  • Thermal management components improve service life, efficiency and performance of electric vehicles
  • Series production launch of new HELLA solutions is scheduled for 2025

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2022-08-29 Garages & Services

Hella Pagid expands product range of core-free brake calipers

  • Product range grows by 110 items to 222 brake calipers from a wide range of vehicle brands
  • Strong increase in market coverage to around 8,200 vehicle applications

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2022-08-25 Werkstatt & Service

Diagnostic device mega macs X for vehicle communication of tomorrow

  • mega macs X from Hella Gutmann handles DoIP and 'Security Gatewayʼ
  • State-of-the-art diagnostics for traditional and battery-electric vehicles

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2022-08-22 Garages & Services

Guided high-voltage measurements with mega macs X

  • New functions make measurement procedures in the high-voltage range easier
  • Vehicle-specific step-by-step guidance for disconnecting voltages
  • Automatically generated test sequences for further measurements

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2022-08-18 Company

HELLA significantly outperforms the market in the fiscal year 2021/2022 and achieves record order intake

  • Automotive segment outperforms global light vehicle production by 6.5 percentage points; Aftermarket sales grow by 15.6 percent, mainly due to independent aftermarket business; Special Applications increases sales by 8.3 percent due to strong business for agricultural and construction machinery
  • Consolidated sales of € 6.3 billion only slightly down on the prior-year level; currency and portfolio-adjusted sales at € 6.2 billion
  • Adjusted EBIT amounts to € 279 million due to high R&D capital expenditure and rising cost burdens; adjusted EBIT margin at 4.4 percent
  • Order intake at record level of around € 10 billion; among other things due to numerous orders for forward-looking technologies such as Digital Light SSL | HD, 77 GHz radar sensors and battery management systems
  • Dividend payment of € 0.49 per share proposed for the fiscal year 2021/2022
  • Significant increase in sales and earnings forecast for the next twelve months; nevertheless, market risks remain

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2022-08-08 Company

Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf: HELLA shows prototype of an illuminated radiator grille emblem for the first time

  • Visual and futuristic enhancement of the vehicle front with illuminated, customized radiator grille logos
  • Innovative lighting solutions such as combination lights and headlamps take center stage this year

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2022-08-05 Company

Judith Buss and Andreas Renschler to join HELLA's Shareholder Committee and Supervisory Board as independent members

  • Andreas Renschler is nominated to become Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Judith Buss is nominated to chair the Audit Committee on the board
  • With their election, there would be again three independent members on the Shareholder Committee; on the Supervisory Board, the number of independent members would increase to three
  • These nominations demonstrate the strong independent corporate governance of HELLA

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2022-08-03 Company

IAA Transportation 2022: FORVIA presents its expert solutions for commercial vehicles

  • Faurecia and HELLA showcase their wide range of technologies for advanced, safe, and sustainable mobility at the leading trade fair in Hanover, Germany
  • Visitors can experience FORVIA's innovative solutions live in a demo truck

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2022-08-02 Garages & Services

Hella Gutmann goes further with cyber security management

  • Extension of Cyber Security Management to include Renault and Kia security systems
  • Latest, secured vehicle models to diagnose as easy as usual
  • Multi-brand solution integrated in mega macs grows to twelve brands

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2022-08-02 Company

Automechanika 2022: HELLA presents comprehensive range of products and services for automotive workshops and wholesalers

  • The focus is particularly on solutions for the electromobility megatrend and a wide range of training and service offerings for workshops and customers.
  • Hella Gutmann and Hella Pagid are also represented at the approximately 800 square meter HELLA booth (Hall 9.0, Booth A80/88)

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2022-08-01 Company

Klaus Kühn resigns as Chairman of the Supervisory Board and as a member of HELLA’s Shareholders’ Committee

  • Klaus Kühn to step down from both bodies for personal reasons at the end of the Annual General Meeting on 30 September 2022
  • Decision to be taken in the near future on a succession plan, which will then be put to the Annual General Meeting for approval

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2022-08-01 Company

iVT Expo 2022 in Chicago: HELLA presents lighting solutions for agricultural and construction machinery and the mining sector

  • Universal S-Series work lights allow easy conversion of halogen headlamps to LED technology
  • K-LED Nano warning light offers LED technology in the smallest of spaces for vehicles with height restrictions

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2022-07-28 Company

Prof Dr Wolfgang Ziebart designated for chairmanship of the HELLA Shareholder Committee

  • Prof Dr Wolfgang Ziebart to be elected to the Shareholder Committee, where he will take over as Chairman from Carl-Peter Forster, who is to step down from his position at the end of September 2022
  • Ziebart has excellent industry expertise as well as extensive management and committee experience, enabling him to actively help continue the HELLA success story from his position on the Shareholder Committee

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2022-07-28 Company

Exit from joint venture: HELLA agrees sale of HELLA held HBPO shares to Plastic Omnium

  • Further milestone reached in sharpening HELLA‘s profile as a technology company with Lighting, Electronics and Lifecycle Solutions at its core
  • Closing expected in the fourth quarter of 2022

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2022-07-25 Company

HELLA further expands manufacturing capacity in China and opens new lighting plant with joint venture partner BHAP

  • Third lighting plant of the joint venture Beijing Hella BHAP Automotive Lighting in China
  • Annual production volume initially is at around 600,000 parts
  • With a two-meter long continuous light band for the front of the vehicle, one of the largest and most complex of its kind is manufactured in the new plant

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2022-07-20 Company

Preliminary yearly figures: HELLA significantly outperforms global automotive market despite sales decline

  • According to preliminary figures for the fiscal year 2021/2022, currency and portfolio-adjusted sales declined by 2.4% to € 6.2 billion due to lower worldwide vehicle production
  • Adjusted earnings before interest and taxes fell to around € 280 million as a result of consistent investments in future technologies and increasing cost burdens; adjusted EBIT margin at 4.4%

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2022-07-11 Technology & Products

HELLA brings fully electric brake-by-wire pedal into large-scale production worldwide for the first time

  • Brake commands are transmitted exclusively electrically using by-wire technology
  • Fully electric control supporting functions of automated driving and customised setting of the brake function
  • Use of lightweight materials and elimination of required components reduces vehicle weight
  • X-by-wire pedals open up new long-term possibilities for designing the Cockpit of the Future

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2022-07-07 Company

35. ADAC Truck Grand Prix: HELLA presents brand new Black Magic LED work lamps series

  • Robust Black Magic work lamps for off-road applications also available in Europe since the beginning of the year
  • Optimized luminous efficacy and LED service life thanks to intelligent adaptation to the respective ambient temperature

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2022-06-14 Garages & Services

High-voltage battery diagnostics with the mega macs

  • Hella Gutmann Solutions is taking a dual-track approach to the increasingly important field of high-voltage battery diagnostics
  • HV battery diagnostics 'Basicʼ: possible as part of the e-mobility functions of the mega macs diagnostic devices
  • HV battery diagnostics 'Proʼ: for objective and certified determination of the State of Health (SoH) under development

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2022-06-09 Garages & Services

For the twelfth time in a row: HELLA is voted "Best Brand" at ETM Readers' Awards

  • Around 6,000 readers took part in this year's vote; more than half favoured HELLA in the lighting category
  • Award confirms years of trust in the quality of HELLA lighting products

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2022-06-03 Company

First trade fair appearance under the FORVIA umbrella brand: HELLA and Faurecia jointly presented technologies for the mobility of tomorrow in Japan

  • Joint HELLA and Faurecia stand concept at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2022 in Yokohama picked up on the new design language of the FORVIA umbrella brand
  • Numerous product highlights for safe, sustainable, advanced and customised mobility were presented

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2022-05-30 Company

iVT 2022 in Cologne: HELLA presents lighting solutions for the agricultural and construction machinery sector

  • Universal S-Series work lights allow easy conversion of halogen headlamps to LED technology
  • K-LED Nano warning light offers LED technology in the smallest of spaces

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