Technology & Products / Company / 11.09.2017
Technology & Products / Company / 11.09.2017

IAA 2017: HELLA Presents Solutions for Tomorrow's Mobility

  • Lighting and Electronics Expert HELLA benefiting from automotive market trends
  • "Experience Tomorrow": experience future technologies at HELLA's fair stand

Lippstadt, September 11, 2017. Lighting and electronics expert HELLA will present its innovative solutions for future mobility at the IAA in Frankfurt on the Main. The HELLA booth (Hall 3.1, booth B31) is part of the "New Mobility World". Innovators, digital pioneers, start-ups and leading technology companies will meet in this fair hall between September, 12-17, 2017. The focus of the HELLA fair stand totaling some 400 square meters consists in two exhibition vehicles allowing visitors to experience the latest lighting and electronics technologies.

HELLA benefits from automotive market trends

Autonomous driving, efficiency & electronic mobility, digitalization & connectivity as well as individualization - these are the main current trends in the automotive industry. "HELLA is benefiting from the major automotive market trends, for our core competencies lighting and electronics play an important role for all scenarios", says HELLA CEO, Dr. Rolf Breidenbach. "HELLA offers innovative solutions for each trend. At IAA, we're presenting a cross section of our approaches to the mobility of tomorrow. Throughout, we let ourselves consequently guide by our customers' needs."

HELLA develops headlamps on Liquid Crystal Display basis

Digitalization is changing automotive lighting technology. HELLA is spearheading this development. The most recent milestone is presented at IAA: the development of a headlamp on the basis of a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) enabling fully adaptive light distribution. Thanks to the great resolution and sharpness of detail, the technology known from the area of home entertainment makes possible high-resolution projections, such as navigation arrows and protection zones for cyclists. The significance of high-res lighting technologies is constantly increasing. For when, both, autonomous and non-autonomous vehicles will be on the road soon, these need to communicate with drivers and other road users. LCD technology will contribute significantly here and is projected for use on the road as early as 2020.

HELLA sensors enable HELLA 360° rotating view

On the path to assisted, then autonomous driving, functions for detecting vehicle surroundings on the basis of e.g. radar technology play an important role in order to identify pedestrians and other vehicles early. Thanks to their compact design, the 77GhZ radar sensors can also be integrated into the vehicle's respective sides. This makes possible a 360° environment detection around the vehicle for identifying moving objects (object detection).

HELLA teaches vehicles how to "feel"

For paving the way to further safety and comfort functions, a vehicle needs to not only "see" its surroundings (e.g. via camera and radar system), but also be able to "feel" it. To that end, HELLA has developed the SHAKE (Structural Health and Knock Emission) technology. The sensor detects structure-borne sound waves generated by contact or knocks on the vehicle body by means of a piezoelectric foil. The sensor can thus detect parking damages early (Intelligent Damage Detection). HELLA has developed the technology further and will present new functions at IAA, such as pedestrian protection (Adaptive Impact Detection) becoming ever more important on the path to automated driving.

HELLA ensures fresh air inside car

HELLA's product innovations also create new trends - e.g. in view of the vehicle passengers' health. In the context of air pollution, fine particulates of sizes up to 2.5 micrometers (PM 2.5) are in particular considered problematic. These pollutant particles are small enough to penetrate deeply into the lung, get deposited there and therefore result in short- and long-term health risks. HELLA has developed a fine particulate sensor that measures the pollutant content in the vehicle interior as well as in the immediate surroundings of the vehicle in real time. The goal consists in establishing cloud-based air quality management.

Experience HELLA at IAA's "New Mobility World", from September 12 - 17, 2017 (Hall 3.1, booth B31)

HELLA press conference: Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 1:50 - 2:15 pm (local time) at HELLA fair booth; with CEO Dr. Rolf Breidenbach.
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