Technology & Products / 27.01.2021
Technology & Products / 27.01.2021

New business sedan car equipped with HELLA lighting technology

Adaptive matrix headlamps provide better visibility

Lippstadt, 27 January 2021. HELLA continues to advance the digitalization of automotive lighting technology. A central focus here is on the development of sophisticated software-based matrix LED headlamp systems which enable safety and comfort-relevant functions such as adaptive, glare-free high beam thanks to individually controllable light elements, while at the same time meeting the high design demands of automobile manufacturers. For example, HELLA has now brought adaptive matrix LED headlamps into series production for the first time for the BMW Group. For the premium equipment, HELLA has also integrated a laser light source for the glare-free high beam function in the new BMW 5 Series.

Light signatures significantly contribute to the external appearance of a vehicle. Narrow headlamps, for example, support a dynamic and sportive impression. With this in mind, HELLA has integrated basic headlamps with Bi-LED modules in the latest model generation of the BMW 5 Series. They have a U-shaped daytime running light. The adaptive LED headlamps, on the other hand, have an L-shaped daytime running light. For this variant, HELLA has developed an LED matrix module with twelve channels that enables dynamic light functions.

The individually controllable matrix elements produce an extremely precise and highly variable light distribution for the illumination of the road and thus ensure better visibility in the dark. As a further function, the design of the headlamp with matrix technology also enables the masking of vehicles in front and oncoming traffic. This can be controlled via the glare-free high-beam assistant (BMW Selective Beam). In this mode, the headlamps provide the driver with high beam even when other vehicles are within the illumination range of the headlamps. Within fractions of a second, these vehicles are masked.

For the premium variant with laser light, HELLA has integrated a dynamic laser into the headlamp in addition to the LED matrix module. This is also active with partially dimmed segments and then extends the area already illuminated by the low beam. In this way, it supports the typical illumination range of the low beam and still reduces glare for other road users. A characteristic blue design element in the headlamp is a trademark of the premium equipment with laser light source. In both the adaptive LED headlamp and the laser headlamp, the direction indicators are an integral part of the daytime running light icons.
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