Technology & Products / 25.04.2022
Technology & Products / 25.04.2022

RETTmobil: HELLA presents three innovative lighting solutions for emergency vehicles

  • BST-X intersection warning system ensures ideal warning effect even in situations where it is difficult to see
  • Corner Module 270 now also available with blue light color for emergency vehicles
  • Stop signalling device ASG-S from HELLA can be easily attached to the sun visor

Lighting and electronics expert HELLA will be presenting new product highlights for emergency vehicles at RETTmobil in Fulda/Germany, the leading international trade fair for rescue and mobility, from May 11 to 13, 2022 (Hall 7, Stand 708). Some of these highlights are sensors, actuators and switches from the electronics range. This year, the focus of the trade show presentation is on innovations in the area of warning and beacon lights.


One of the three innovative lighting solutions HELLA is presenting in Fulda this year is the BST-X intersection warning system. The system consists of a set of 6 additional warning lights from the proven BST-round series. The round light modules with blue light color are characterized by their small, round design, which allows flexible installation in the body of the emergency vehicle. The positioning in the front area of the vehicle enables early warning of other road users, for example in driveways or at intersections where it is difficult to see and be seen. Thus road safety is increased. Four power LEDs per light and high quality precision optics produce an intense warning signal with minimal power consumption. High-quality aluminum housing ensures high temperature resistance of the warning lights. Four of the modules also have an adjustable mounting ring. The angle of inclination for mounting is vehicle-specific adjustable and can be between 0 and 20 degrees.


HELLA has also further developed the Corner Module, which is already available for municipal vehicles with yellow light color, for emergency vehicles and is showing the new variant with blue light color for the first time at RETTmobil. The Corner Module is a special wide-angle warning light approved as a set of two modules as a "half bar" and is a new alternative to conventional warning lights. The flashing blue warning signal generates attention around the vehicle. It is possible to set a double flash pattern and synchronize two or four elements. The corner modules can be mounted on the vehicle roof or they can be integrated into the vehicle body. They are therefore particularly suitable for vehicles that are subject to height restrictions. With two modules, the wide-angle coverage is at least 270 degrees; with four modules, an all-round warning effect of 360° is achieved.


Another product highlight from the lighting specialist is the brand new ASG-S LED stop signal transmitter with self-adhesive foam cover and red stop light, which can be easily attached to the emergency vehicle's sun visor. The module, which measures just 320 x 100 millimeters, not only offers a matrix of permanently programmed fonts, but customer-specific fonts are also available on request. In addition, the signal generator has an automatic day/night mode.


Experience HELLA's innovative lighting solutions at RETTmobil International, Hall 7, Stand 708. Tickets for RETTmobil International have been available exclusively online since March 10, 2022. Day tickets cost 20 euros.

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