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Hella Pagid expands product portfolio to include further brake pads for electric and hybrid vehicles

  • Front and rear axle brake pads for a wide range of electric and hybrid vehicles now available
  • Environmentally friendly, copper-free friction lining formulations for optimum braking characteristics

Essen, March 18, 2019. Hella Pagid, the Essen-based brake system specialist serving the independent aftermarket and operating in a joint venture with automotive suppliers TMD Friction and HELLA, is now expanding its product portfolio with a range of disc brake pads for electric and hybrid vehicles. "Electrification in the automotive industry continues to advance at a steady pace. With the expansion of our product range, not only are we in tune with this trend but we are also already one step ahead of the market," explains Thomas Gorkow, Director of Product Management and Marketing at Hella Pagid.

This means that, in addition to brake pads for the Tesla models S and X, the Hella Pagid product portfolio will now also include brake pads for vehicles in the BMW i3 / i3 s range and for the VW e-Golf VII. Furthermore, a wide range of hybrid vehicles will be covered including the BMW model i8, the BMW 530 e iPerformance, the e-tron version of the AUDI Q7, the mild hybrid version of the AUDI A6 and also innumerable Volvo hybrid models such as the latest XC hybrid line, the V60 II, V90 II and the S90 II. All these brake pads meet the highest standards of brake performance, comfort and durability. And what is more, such brake pads are copper-free.

Today environmental protection and ecological compatibility figure greatly when it comes to product development. These aspects will become even more important in the future. In this context, it is the copper content of the brake pads that is of particular relevance. By 2021, for example, brake pads with a copper content of more than 5 percent may no longer be marketed in the USA. And by 2025 brake pads sold there will have to be entirely free of copper. But it is the aim of Hella Pagid to convert its product range, completely and globally, to copper-free brake pads before this deadline becomes law. "Today almost the entire range of disc brake pads already only contains 0.5 percent copper and is therefore considered copper-free in relation to the overall weight of the parts," says Thomas Gorkow. The front and rear axle brake pads for all electric and hybrid vehicles also meet these strict requirements and are thus marked with the explanatory leaf symbol (N - copper-free).

Such a copper-free formulation of the brake pads is not only environmentally friendly but also tailored exactly to suit each individual vehicle type, brake system, engine performance, driving load and all individual braking characteristics. "Electric and hybrid vehicles have one thing in common - the linear torque curve enables them to reach high speeds in the shortest possible time, which is why excellent braking performance is of utmost importance," points out Timo Krämer, Marketing Manager at Hella Pagid. Thanks to the friction lining formulation, such a requirement is met. At its in-house research and development center, the company has successfully carried out tests on the product characteristics with regard to the friction coefficient, to pedal pressure and to heat wear and tear. Moreover, the brake linings exceed the ECE regulation 90.

All articles for electric and hybrid vehicles can be viewed in the online parts catalog.

Article overview of the vehicle models mentioned in the text:

BMW i3 & BMW i3 s: 8DB 355 021-681, 8DB 355 026-661 RA brake pad

VW Golf VII e-Golf: 8DB 355 020-191, 8DB 355 023-171 FA brake pad, 8DB 355 020-271 RA brake pad

Tesla Model S, Tesla X: 8DB 355 014-451, 8DB 355 015-481 FA brake pad, 8DB 355 021-251 RA brake pad

Volvo XC 40, XC 60 II Hybrid, XC 90 II Hybrid, V60 II Hybrid, V90 II Hybrid, S90 II Hybrid: 8DB 355 024-801 FA brake pad, 8DB 355 023-361 RA brake pad

BMW i8: 8DB 355 021-271, 8DB 355 025-771, FA brake pad, 8DB 355 013-921, 8DB 355 013-921 RA brake pad

BMW 530 e iPerformance: 8DB 355 013-921 RA brake pad

AUDI Q7 3.0 TDI e-tron Quattro, A6 Mild Hybrid, A6 Avant Mild Hybrid: 8DB 355 024-791 RA brake pad
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