Technology & Products / 17.11.2022
Technology & Products / 17.11.2022

Hella Gutmann and ADAC extend their partnership with telematics and remote diagnosis

  • Yellow Angelsʼreceive telematics support
  • Smart Connect transmits selected vehicle data to ADAC headquarters
  • More precise troubleshooting and faster onward travel

Ihringen, 17 November 2022 For almost 20 years, Germany's largest automobile association, ADAC, has relied on Hella Gutmann's multi-brand diagnostic expertise. In 2003, ADAC invested in an innovative PC + diagnostic solution for its 'yellow angelsʼ and partners. Via ADAC's own Onboard Information System ABIS and integrated diagnostic module macs45 from Hella Gutmann, it was even possible to increase the high continuation rate of the club members of around 85 percent. Now the good partnership is to be expanded in a groundbreaking way. Intensive two-year teamwork has resulted in the telematics project 'ADAC Smart Connectʼ. Members of the automobile club await additional services such as preventive in-depth vehicle diagnostics and more targeted assistance in the event of a breakdown.

ADAC Smart Connect is a cloud-based system that enables fault-based initial diagnosis of a vehicle remotely. The core of the system is a digital product developed by Hella Gutmann in cooperation with French telematics specialist Munic S.A. under the project name macsLive. It provides mobility service providers, fleet operators and insurers with valuable information that helps keep vehicles mobile to the maximum. Workshops and drivers also benefit from the early, rapid information transfer between the vehicle and a technical control center. The only requirement is that the telematics dongle must be inserted in the OBD interface of the vehicle involved.

Only relevant vehicle and system diagnostic data (such as fault codes, parameters, etc.) is then transmitted by radio to the ADAC or Hella Gutmann cloud. On this basis, experts can make the right decision about necessary actions - such as the mobile deployment of a technician with the appropriate battery or the information of a workshop. Individual driving profiles, on the other hand, are not compiled for data protection reasons. "With our newly developed macsLive, multi-brand diagnostics will be possible remotely for the very first time. This takes us a big step forward in the quality of ensuring mobility," explains Rolf Kunold, Managing Director of Hella Gutmann Solutions GmbH.

In close cooperation between ADAC and Hella Gutmann, the project is now already entering its second stage. By the end of the year, more than 10,000 vehicles will be equipped with ADAC Smart Connect. "Smart Connect is one of ADAC's important strategic initiatives. It is already foreseeable what a wide range of possibilities will arise to support our members even better in the future," says Dieter Busse, project manager Smart Connect at ADAC e.V. Currently, ADAC is inviting interested club members via its members' magazine Motorwelt to jointly further develop the smart breakdown service. Numerous HELLA and Hella Gutmann employees will also be taking part.
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