Technology & Products / 16.05.2018
Technology & Products / 16.05.2018

HELLA develops customizable dynamic lighting functions for the vehicle interior

  • Ambient lighting in the new Audi A8 is of increasing importance to comfort and safety functions
  • Matrix LED reading light and light guides create individual illumination and lighting events in the luxury sedan's interior

Lippstadt, May 16, 2018. Current trends such as autonomous driving and the desire for individualization strongly impact interior vehicle design. "Drivers increasingly want the option to adjust lighting to their requirements, for e.g. creating an individual feel-good atmosphere during their commute", says John Kuijpers, Head of the Car Body and Interior Lighting business at HELLA. "But the trend towards autonomous driving creates new challenges for interior lighting. For when people no longer need to drive themselves, the frequently rigid seating positions are broken up and comfort enters into focus. Lighting has a special status here." Together with automotive manufacturer Audi, lighting and electronics expert HELLA has developed customizable and dynamic lighting functions for the vehicle interior. These can be experienced for the first time in the new Audi A8.

The luxury car makes use of the Matrix LED reading light, which is a milestone towards the interior of the future. The reading light has been integrated in the ceiling rear. Seven individually controllable LEDs per reading light provide optimal illumination in any seating position. The Matrix LED reading light in the new Audi A8 is controlled via a tablet, allowing the backseat passenger to individually adjust the brightness, size and focus of the light cone.

For creating a unique experience starting already when unlocking the car, the Audi A8 integrates various light guides. In the ceiling rear, colored light guides optically frame the Matrix LED reading light and ceiling operating unit for example. Furthermore, center tunnel light guides create a chase light effect by activating the LEDs one after the other. And while driving, the light guides illuminate the vehicle as preferred by the passengers. Throughout, they cannot merely define brightness but also choose from more than 30 colors, thus creating an individual color profile.

In collaboration with HELLA, Audi is already showing what the future will bring in terms of vehicle interior options. In addition to individually customizable lighting scenarios, the interior light can soon also meet safety functions.

You will get further information about the dynamic lighting functions in the film.
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