Technology & Products / 16.01.2019
Technology & Products / 16.01.2019

HELLA equips Show Truck with Lighting Solutions

Truck equipped with Shapeline lamps, work lights and auxiliary lamps, warning lights and accessories

Lippstadt, January 16, 2019. From the front and rear areas to the side and the roof and front brackets, HELLA has equipped a show truck with lighting solutions that the company has developed especially for commercial vehicles such as trucks and trailers. The lighting and electronics expert thus presents its products for design, individuality and safety at trade fairs and events.

The truck can already be seen from a distance: the driver's cab glows yellow in the HELLA brand color, while blue speech bubbles indicate the individual headlights and functions. A highlight are the Shapeline lamps, which give the truck a unique appearance. With the modular lamp series, lighting systems can be assembled according to the modular principle. Two variants ─ Tech and Style ─ are available for this purpose. The lighting of the truck is completely implemented in the Style design. At the rear, the lamps realize the rear, reverse and rear fog light. A total of six modules are installed for this purpose. This creates an individual light signature.

In addition to Shapeline, other HELLA products are used to complement the design. At the rear, for example, the "Q90 compact LED" work light from the Thermo Pro series is mounted, which ─ thanks to its multi-facetted reflector ─ homogeneously illuminates the immediate vicinity to enable safe and efficient working even at night. At the rear of the driver's cab, the "Flatbeam 1000 LED" work light with 45° illumination provides light in the nearby work area even without tilting resulting in a better view during the coupling process, for example.

Four second-generation "Luminator LED" auxiliary lamps with state-of-the-art LED technology on the roof bracket ensure both the high beam and position light. In addition, two K-LED Blizzard warning lights are mounted whose 360° double flash signal alerts other road users to the presence of the truck at an early stage.

The Rallye 3003 LED auxiliary lamp shows an unmistakable position light on the front bracket. A compressed air trumpet horn in the front area produces a penetrating sound.

Some products or combinations on the vehicle are only permitted for applications external to the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO). Some combinations are only permitted for applications external to the ECE regulations. You can find a detailed list of all installed products and a video of the show truck in action at night at
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