Technology & Products / 15.11.2019
Technology & Products / 15.11.2019

Solutrans 2019: HELLA presents product solutions for increased visibility and safety

  • Modular rear combination lamp now with an integrated electronic module for the control of flashing LED side marker lamps
  • Park Safety Fix, the autonomous parking lighting system, makes trailers more visible in the dark and at dusk
  • K-LED Rebelution beacon combines design and state-of-the-art Edge Light technology in a single product

Lippstadt/Lyon, 15 November 2019. At the Solutrans international transport trade fair in Lyon from 19 to 23 November 2019, the lighting and electronics expert HELLA will be presenting various product solutions that can further enhance visibility and safety in road traffic (Hall 3, Stand E229). Such solutions include, in particular, new lighting technologies and various further advancements. At the Solutrans, HELLA will also be showcasing a selection taken from its current electronics portfolio, including intelligent battery sensors, actuators, rocker switches and angular position sensors.

In order to increase safety during transport or when loading and unloading commercial vehicles, for example, HELLA has included various warning lamps and beacons in its product range. A brand new product is also being presented at the Solutrans, the K-LED Rebelution, which combines design and state-of-the-art Edge Light technology in a single product. The light is visible through a circumferential, ring-shaped light band. With its black design and a height of approximately 60 mm, the warning lamp can be seamlessly integrated into the vehicle silhouette. The K-LED Rebelution generates an instantly visible 360° signal that can be seen from far off in the distance. It is available as either a flashing or a rotating signal.

In order to make trailers more visible in darkness and at twilight, HELLA has developed the Park Safety Fix (PS-Fix), an autonomous parking lighting system. The system consists of a battery-supported power source that makes it possible to actively illuminate trailers without a towing vehicle. The first series model will be available for sale from January 2020 onwards.

The HELLA VISIOTECH technology also helps to increase occupational safety. It enables warning signals and symbols to be projected onto the ground. This technology has already been integrated into three products designed for special vehicles: the LED projection module and the two warning lamps SL60 LED and Module 50 LED Spot. In the SL60 LED warning lamp, which is particularly suitable for use during manoeuvring, the light beams of the LEDs converge to such an extent by means of the special lens optic with the result that a strip-shaped warning line is projected onto the ground. These projected lines can also be used for simpler vehicle navigation. The SL60 LED warning lamp is available for original equipment manufacturers and also on the independent aftermarket.

Since November 2017, the ECE R48 regulation has prescribed side direction indicators for trailers in order to draw the attention of traffic following and that approaching from the side, of cyclists and also of pedestrians to the imminent turning off of a vehicle. HELLA therefore now offers the modular rear combination lamp for trailers with an integrated electronic module for controlling flashing LED side marker lamps ("Flash SMLR"). Monitoring of the direction indicators (ballast unit) is also already integrated in the rear combination lamp. This is done in accordance with DIN 13207.

For those wishing to convert from halogen to LED technology, HELLA offers practical solutions, for example with the new ECO18 and ECO26 LED work lights. Thanks to their compact size and universal shape, the ECO series can replace almost all the usual halogen headlamps. In addition, they have a light performance of 1,350 or 2,000 lumens and yet a power consumption of only 18 or 26 watts. The ECO18 LED work light is also available as a reversing light.

Visit HELLA at the Solutrans from 19 to 23 November 2019 (Hall 3, Stand E229).
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