Technology & Products / 12.09.2017
Technology & Products / 12.09.2017

IAA 2017: The Digitalization of Light Can Be Experienced Live

  • HELLA brings Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) into the front light
  • A resolution of 30,000 pixels blazes a new trail in automotive light technology

Lippstadt, September 12, 2017. New generations of headlights are intelligent, high-resolution and multi-functional. The light sources in the headlight can be individually activated. Digitalization is thus now being used in automotive lighting technology. The lights and electronics expert HELLA continues to drive this forward. As part of a research project, the company has developed a headlight based on a Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) together with project partners and has integrated the technology into a vehicle for the first time. Starting in 2020, Liquid Crystal HD technology will be used in serial production. The headlight prototype can be seen in action at the HELLA fair stand at the IAA in the "New Mobility World" (Hall 3.1, booth B31).

In this so-called LCD headlight, LED light is directed through a display made of liquid crystals. The crystals are switchable – this makes it possible to change the polarization direction of the light. The prototype of the headlight developed as part of the research project projects up to 30,000 pixels onto the road. The headlight is therefore superior to already established premium products with respect to resolution. With respect to perspective, HELLA wants to expand the number of light points to approximately 50,000.

LCD technology has decisive advantages not only with respect to resolution, but also with regard to functionalities. The headlight thus masters driving situations intelligently, continuously and in a targeted fashion, and optimally adapts the distribution of light to the respective traffic, weather and road conditions. LCD technology also enables highly complex functions that increase both the safety and comfort of the drivers and which will be relevant for autonomous driving. These include, for instance, pedestrian markings, the depiction of protection zones for cyclists, warnings, navigation symbols or the display of the ideal driving path. Visitors can already experience these functions live at the HELLA fair stand at the IAA.

Visit HELLA at the IAA from September 12th to 17th, 2017 and experience the technologies of tomorrow in Hall 3.1, booth B31.
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