Technology & Products / 06.10.2021
Technology & Products / 06.10.2021

HELLA SOS 360° warning lamp: compact warning light for car and motorbike

  • Easy to mount warning lamp with magnetic activation
  • Flexible use as a torch or work lamp possible

Lippstadt, 6 October 2021. Whenever there is a breakdown or an accident, it is essential to secure the location in question. This explains why in many countries the warning triangle is required by law. But until this is set up, the vehicle remains unsecured – a danger for all road users that should not be underestimated, especially in the dark. So as to ramp up the safety factor in road traffic, the lighting and electronics specialist HELLA is launching on the market the new compact SOS 360° LED warning lamp. Car drivers can place this lamp on the vehicle’s roof, using its magnetic mounting to attach it safely. In this way the scene of the accident is secured in an instant.

The HELLA SOS 360° fits into every glove compartment, which means it is always ready to hand. It can be switched on manually. Alternatively, as soon as it makes contact with a vehicle it becomes magnetically activated. High-performance LEDs enable it then to generate an all-round warning signal, which can be seen up to a kilometre away. The result is that other road users can be warned in good time.

Furthermore, car drivers can also use it to set a bright, white continuous light which serves as a torch or a work light. This is so practical if work has to be carried out in the engine compartment. In such a case the lamp can be secured to the opened bonnet by means of its magnetic attachment feature.

The warning lamp is CE tested and operates with a standard 9 V battery, which is not included in delivery. And its impact-resistant polycarbonate light dome boasts a temperature resistance ranging from -20°C to +60°C.
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