Technology & Products / 05.11.2020
Technology & Products / 05.11.2020

Flat Mounting Solution: HELLA launches compact work lamp series

  • For mounting situations with little space: New work lamp enables flat mounting on the vehicle wall
  • Homogeneous illumination: Better visibility of the working area around the vehicle

Lippstadt, November 5, 2020. When it comes to work lighting, reliability is particularly important for municipal and rescue vehicles as well as construction and agricultural machinery, because work often takes place all around the vehicle, often in the dark or at dusk. With the new work lamp series Flat Mounting Solution (FMS), lighting and electronics expert HELLA is launching a flat and compact LED work lamp that can be mounted directly on the vehicle wall. The reflector is developed in such a way that the light is directed downwards towards the ground. This ensures a homogeneous illumination of the work area. Thanks to its flat design, the FMS is ideal for mounting positions with limited space. Thanks to its elegant design, the work lamp also blends in perfectly with the general appearance of the vehicle.

Whether on the road, on the construction site or at sea - work lamps are always exposed to extreme conditions. Therefore, the FMS has a CoroSafe coating for improved corrosion resistance. It is also certified for protection classes IP 6K8 and IP 6K9K which require protection from dust and water penetration. In addition, the work lamp meets the legal requirements of the ADR/GGVSEB legal standards and is therefore also suitable for transporting hazardous goods. In marine applications, it can be used as a deck floodlight, for example.

The FMS is manufactured at the HELLA company site in Austria. It is available in three housing colours: black, red and white. In addition, you can choose between a base version with 1200 lumen and a prime version with 2500 lumen.
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