Technology & Products / 04.01.2018
Technology & Products / 04.01.2018

Modul 60 LED headlamp: now also available as LED version for motorcycles, agricultural and construction vehicles

  • Compact headlamps available as low and high beams
  • Especially developed lens system for homogenous illumination
  • Easy switch from halogen to LED possible

Lippstadt, January 4, 2018. When traveling on the road or in the field at night, a 100% reliance on illumination is essential. Especially motorcycles are at risk in traffic, as they either can be easily overlooked by other road users, or they themselves recognize the threats too late. To ensure more safety, the lighting and electronics specialist HELLA offers its compact Modul 60 headlamps. These products are durable and resistant against vibrations, dirt and water while providing consistent illumination. The series will now be expanded by an LED version.


The lens system especially developed by HELLA, bundles the light and distributes it ideally across its projected area. Furthermore: the LED version is available in the same sizes as the already-established Modul 60 halogen headlamps. This allows HELLA staying faithful to the modular design. The fixing point dimensions are identical in the LED and halogen version. The switch to LED technology is thus possible in only few easy steps.


The LED versions are built at the HELLA company site in Austria. Three different versions will be available upon series launch. For mounting on motorcycles, the rider can choose between a standard and a premium version, which differ in light output and approvals. The standard version is approved according to ECE 113-B, SAE J 1623 and ASABE S608, while the premium version meets the approval criteria for ECE 113-D and FMVSS108 A special version with additional mounting support frame is available for agricultural and construction vehicles. All versions are available as low and high beams.

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