Technology & Products / 03.09.2019
Technology & Products / 03.09.2019

K-LED Rebelution: the first HELLA beacon using EdgeLight technology

  • Warning system with EdgeLight light guide sets new design standards
  • High-end materials ensure long service life even in continuous operation

Lippstadt, 3 September 2019. The lighting and electronics expert HELLA is expanding its portfolio of optical warning systems: as of now, the new beacon called "K-LED Rebelution" is readily available. This newcomer marries together design, quality and function in one product. Furthermore, HELLA has transferred EdgeLight technology from the automotive sector and then applied for patent approval for the optical warning system segment. The light emerges from a narrow, 8mm-high light band instead of through a dome. The warning effect is thus ensured: the K-LED Rebelution meets the legal requirements of the European ECE R 65 directive for beacons and is therefore approved to be used on public roads.

Whether it's trucks and trailers, agricultural and forestry machinery or municipal vehicles - the relevance of LED products in the field of vehicle lighting is constantly increasing in all these segments. And not only because of their energy-saving potential, but also because such a light source makes an impactful contribution to the external appearance of a vehicle. Manufacturers also increasingly want to be able to integrate components harmoniously into the existing vehicle design. HELLA has therefore used the so-called EdgeLight technology in the development of the K-LED Rebelution. The EdgeLight light guide is an element whose luminous front edge creates a distinct signature. For this purpose, the light from an LED is coupled into the back of the light guide and emitted uniformly over its entire length by means of total reflection through the light guide. This then generates a long-range warning signal. With its black housing the ca. 60 mm-high K-LED Rebelution blends perfectly into modern and classic vehicle designs.

In addition to the design aspect, the development of the K-LED Rebelution focused above all on features such as reliability and durability. For after all, beacons out in the fields, on the construction site or along the road are exposed to a great diversity of weather conditions, to strong vibrations and to a good helping of dirt. At the same time, they must always function reliably even during continuous operation. The housing of the beacon is therefore made of powder-coated aluminium and the light-emitting surface of polycarbonate. Moreover, the beacon has protection class IP6K9K. This means that stubborn soiling of the vehicle can be removed using a high-pressure cleaner without any hesitation whatsoever. And yet a further advantage: the electronics of the K-LED Rebelution are electromagnetically compatible, which means that GPS and other radio and information signals are not affected when the beacon is in operation.
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