Garages & Services / 30.09.2019
Garages & Services / 30.09.2019

Hella Gutmann: Smart Solutions for the Future

  • Diagnostic tool retains key role
  • ADAS calibrations with digital targets
  • Valuable addition: over-the-air services

Ihringen, Germany, September 2019. A new interconnected generation and equally interconnected vehicles are rapidly changing mobility. At the same time, the framework conditions for the aftermarket are changing. Let's take ADAS and security gateway: In the future, workshops will have to decide case by case on how to provide their customers with the required service. The good news: Hella Gutmann has a bunch of smart diagnostic solutions ready for them.

Central to all the solutions workshops can choose from is the diagnostic tool mega macs − today and in the future. With the new software architecture and the smart diagnostic interface (SDI) for the mega macs 77 and mega macs 77 VARIO, Hella Gutmann is currently laying the foundation for a long-term and sustainable overall concept. The aim: Providing workshops at the right time in the right place with the right information in the required depth. With support if necessary.

In the future, Hella Gutmann will offer solutions for certain difficult problems via remote service. Taking on the role of a competent service provider, a specialist will log into the mega macs remotely and perform certain operations on the vehicle. One thing however is certain: Even increasingly digitalized workshops must have certain key hardware at their immediate disposal. This primarily includes a multi-brand diagnostic tool which can also be used as a PassThru tool for data tunneling. It also includes a device for correctly aligning the reference panels in front, laterally or at the rear of the vehicle for ADAS calibration. How else could the actual scanning range of a radar sensor, lidar sensor or camera be synchronized with the information supplied by the ADAS control unit?

With the mega macs devices and the CSC-Tool, the Hella Gutmann product portfolio fulfills all the requirements for ADAS calibrations. With regard to precision, they exceed the requirements laid down by vehicle manufacturers. With the recent additions to the CSC-Tool kit, users can now calibrate the new lidar sensors and radar sensors regardless of height in front of and behind the vehicle. The selection of reference panels for the long-range front cameras has grown continuously since the introduction of the CSC-Tool more than five years ago. With the new digital targets developed for workshops where brand-new vehicles need to be calibrated, Hella Gutmann is offering an interesting alternative. The targets are projected in the workshop via projector onto a screen which must be in exact alignment with the vehicle. The ADAS calibration itself is then performed via remote service with the mega macs based on the most recent manufacturer data.

Since the demand for ADAS calibration is growing rapidly and because not every autoshop can afford to invest in the latest equipment, a project called "workshops supporting workshops" will be launched. In pilot projects in Germany, Hella Gutmann is already providing centres of competence with know-how, data and the latest workshop equipment like the digital CSC-Tool for ADAS calibrations.
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