Garages & Services / 30.08.2022
Garages & Services / 30.08.2022

Hella Gutmann presents automated diagnostics

  • Use of artificial intelligence (AI) to identify faulty vehicle components
  • Automated one-click diagnostics

Lippstadt, 30 August 2022. Hella Gutmann begins a new era of vehicle diagnostics by automizing diagnostics with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data technology. The Hella Gutmann ‘Automated Diagnosisʼ (AD) will save workshops valuable time through a focused and simplified diagnostics process. Moreover, the reliable linking of diagnostics to components enables new opportunities to improve the efficiency in the parts business. AD will be presented live for the first time at Automechanika 2022 in Frankfurt/Main from September 13 to 17 2022. Integration into the mega macs software SDI is planned for the end of the year.

The 'Automated Diagnosisʼ is an intelligent, continuously self-improving system that generates a statistically validated diagnostic result. AD is based on around two billion historic fault codes and around five million problem solutions recorded by the Technical Call Center at Hella Gutmann. Currently, AD is able to identify a broken component in about 80 percent of all relevant diagnostic cases. The trend is positive.

The 'Automated Diagnosisʼ button starts a chain reaction that begins with automated vehicle identification and fault code reading and ends when the statistically most likely defective component has been identified. In the process, the mega macs in AD mode automatically selects the next diagnostic step in each case. With the help of AI, it knows the shortest route for each system diagnosis. It checks which systems are installed in the vehicle and which parameters are relevant for the diagnostic process. The mega macs is able to correlate these and make the right decision for the next necessary diagnostic step − very similar to a self-learning automatic transmission that selects the right gear depending on the situation.

In the future, vehicle diagnostics should be as easy as driving an automatic vehicle: Connect the mega macs to the vehicle, activate the AD, and then turn your attention to other work first. As soon as the automatically generated diagnostic result with all technical additional information is available, the mechanic can take action. Of course, the mechanic is free to follow the automated steps in real time on the display or − in the well-known Tip-tronik manner – he can take over manually at any time.

For years, Hella Gutmann has been committed to design vehicle diagnostics as convenient, efficient and reliable as possible for workshops. It is a never-ending challenge for vehicle diagnostics to cope with the complexity from vehicle diversity combined with the multitude of vehicle systems. This makes the automation and intelligent shortcut of everyday vehicle diagnostics even more valuable for the daily workshop routine.
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